Toy News: "Cyberverse" Deluxe Class Hot Rod In Package First Look

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Toy News: "Cyberverse" Deluxe Class Hot Rod In Package First Look

Starting in late 2019, the Cyberverse toy line launched a new class if figures: the Deluxe Class! More articulated and complex than other Cyberverse figures, the first two waves were announced right on the package to build up excitement for the Maccadam "Build-a-Figure" spread out across the two waves. Now we have an official in-package look at one of the figures from Wave 2: Hot Rod!

Thanks to BWTF Affiliate site Entertainment Earth, we have an image of Hot Rod in package. The official product description for him says:

"Collect them all and build Maccadam with the Transformers Cyberverse Deluxe Hot Rod! This 5-inch transforming figure includes enhanced detailing and decoration from Transformers Cyberverse, but what makes it even more special is a build-a-figure piece! For the very first time, Hasbro will let fans create Maccadam of Maccadam's Old Oil House. Collect all 8 deluxe figures to build yours! Ages 8 and up."

You can pre-order this figure now from Entertainment Earth. Remember, ordering via this link helps support BWTF!