Game News: "Earth wars" Celebrates its Three-Year Anniversary This Weekend

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Game News: "Earth wars" Celebrates its Three-Year Anniversary This Weekend

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!
Happy Three-Year Anniversary, Transformers Earth Wars! SUPER XP event this weekend!

Gather your Alliance members and take part in this weekend's event to win SUPER XP and:

- An Anniversary Crystal that grants a 4-Star bot selected from the most veteran Earth Wars warriors. With no duplicates!
- Up to 60,000 Spark
- Up to 15 Celebration Canisters, each containing a random Kremzeek Booster, 1,000 Premium Shards or 1,000 3-Star shards.

Event type: Alliance Totaliser
Start Date: 31/05/19 10:00 UTC
End Date: 03/06/19 10:00 UTC
Prestige Allowed: None (1)
Bonus Experience: Super XP

How to Participate?

  • Reach HQ Level 4 and Join an Alliance!!
  • Tap the Event button!
  • Select an Event Battle Zone to fight in!
  • Win your battle and gather Battle Points!
  • Collect prizes!
  • Event Battle Zones

Totaliser Prizes
* Each Celebration Canister contains one of the following rewards. (See images below)

**Anniversary Crystal contains one of the following bots with no duplicates. (See images below)

Air Raid & Slipstream
Alpha Bravo & Long Haul
Arcee & Nightbird
Autobot Jazz & Mixmaster
Blaster & Soundwave
Bumblebee & Skrapnel
Cheetor & Blackarachnia
Cliffjumper & Kickback
Cosmos & Mindwipe
Drift & Barricade
Dustup & Vortex
Elita-1 & Lugnut
Firefly & Blast Off
First Aid & Reflector
Gnaw Autobot & Gnaw Decepticon
Grimlock & Razorclaw
Hot Rod & Nemesis Prime
Hot Spot & Tantrum
Hound & Drag Strip
Huffer & Lockdown
Inferno & Rodimus Unicronus
Ironhide & Bludgeon
Jetfire & Starscream
Jumpstream & Scrapper
Kup & Dead End
Laser Optimus & Armada Megatron
Mirage & Brawl
Optimus Primal & BW Megatron
Optimus Prime & Megatron
Perceptor & Bombshell
Pipes & Headstrong
Powerglide & Cyclonus
Prowl & Breakdown
Pyra Magna & Bonecrusher
Ratchet & Hook
Rodimus Prime & Motormaster
Rust Dust & Scavenger
Seaspray & Octopunch
Sentius Magnus & Sentius Malus
Sideswipe & Offroad
Silverbolt & Thundercracker
Sky Lynx & Blitzwing
Skyburst & Onslaught
Skydive & Skywarp
Sludge & Straxus
Slug & Rampage
Smokescreen & Brake-Neck
Snarl & Hun-Gurrr
Springer & Astrotrain
Star Saber & Deathsaurus
Stormclash & Viper
Sunstreaker & Swindle
Swoop & Scourge
Tigerhawk & Waspinator
Tracks & Cutthroat
Ultra Magnus & Galvatron
Warpath & Skullsmasher
Wheeljack & Shockwave
Windblade & Divebomb

If you own all of these bots on your main faction, instead of a duplicate you will get 500 5-Star Shards!

Titans are approaching…
Is your team ready to take on the ultimate ‘bots, more powerful than the strongest Combiners, and capable of bringing entire cities to their heels? Step up your game and prepare to take on Metroplex & Trypticon!

These Titans will be available as boss battles in Raids beginning next Tuesday. The Titan will station themselves as the HQ in the centre of the Raid base, while the remainder of the base will have normal Raid defenses. A new Titan-inspired battle booster will be rewarded to those who defeat The Titans!

There will be a Hall of Fame in the newsfeed following the event listing who used the least amount of attacks to take down The Titans!

Time to celebrate!
Happy Three-Year Anniversary, Transformers Earth Wars!

We’ve completed year three as of this coming 2nd of June and we want to thank you, our amazing player community, for accompanying us through this amazing journey!

A celebratory Anniversary Gift will be available in next week’s newsletter and we also have a special Golden Alliance Name event planned! 3 randomly chosen alliances who have completed the upcoming weekend event “Anniversary” will be permanently granted the glorious golden colour for their alliance name!

The winners will be announced in next week’s newsletter!

Update: New 5* Bots!
New 5* Batch is arriving this Thursday! Some of the bots in new 5* batch will be buffed.

Snarl & Hun-Gurrr
Winners of the last community poll. A must have!
The Special Ability damage have been increased by 66%. The special ability cost increase is now 2 points.
For every star level, Snarl and Hun-Gurr have a passive effect dealing a percentage of your damage every second to targets next to you.

Rodimus Prime & Motormaster
Ready to take the lead. Squad Attack!
The 5 Star gets a 33% damage increase to their ability buff in comparison to the other Star versions.

Warpath & Skullsmasher
Line attacks ready to collapse defenses of all kinds

Arcee & Nightbird
Decoy & Destroy! That’s their motto.
At 5 stars, the decoy takes a bigger percentage of the health of Arcee and Nightbird.

Perceptor & Bombshell
Hacking defenses now funnier than ever.
For every star level, Perceptor and Bombshell have a passive effect that hacks any outpost bot once per battle for 5.5 secs.

The reuse cost of their ability has been decreased from 3 to 2.
At 5 stars, the defences controlled by the bots special ability deal 85% of their regular damage (75% at previous star levels)

At 5 stars, the confusion duration lasts longer:
From 7.8 secs at level 1 to 14.8 secs at level 10

Q: When will be the New Batch released?
A: At some point on Thursday 30th of May, 2019. Make sure to tap on the “?” button on 5* crystal in-game to confirm the new lineup before spending your precious shards!

Q: What will happen with the current batch?
A: The current batch will be unavailable until they will be added to the shop as a Legacy Crystal.

Q: When will the Legacy 5-Star Crystals that contain the current batch be released?
A: Our plan is to release them in a few weeks, but keep tuned for any updates!

Check out our Wiki for general 5* crystal questions!

Game News: "Earth wars" Celebrates its Three-Year Anniversary This Weekend
Game News: "Earth wars" Celebrates its Three-Year Anniversary This Weekend
Game News: "Earth wars" Celebrates its Three-Year Anniversary This Weekend
Arcee and Nightbird
Game News: "Earth wars" Celebrates its Three-Year Anniversary This Weekend
Game News: "Earth wars" Celebrates its Three-Year Anniversary This Weekend
Game News: "Earth wars" Celebrates its Three-Year Anniversary This Weekend
Game News: "Earth wars" Celebrates its Three-Year Anniversary This Weekend