Game News: Rook and Blot Join the Battle This Weekend in "Earth Wars"

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Game News: Rook and Blot Join the Battle This Weekend in "Earth Wars"

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!
A Top 500 Alliances Leaderboard this weekend includes the arrival of new Bots: Rook & Blot!

Welcome Party

Fight in this event to unlock a 2, 3 or 4-Star Rook or Blot and get:

- Up to 2,500 Premium Shards
- Up to 1,500 3-Star Shards
- Up to 800 4-Star Shards
- Up to 2,500,000 Energon
- And Bonus XP per Battle

Want more?
Go for the extra mile and unlock extra Spark from the hardest tiers and rank among the TOP 500 Alliances for guaranteed rewards!

Event type: Alliance Leaderboard
Start Date: 28/06/19 10:00 UTC
End Date: 01/07/19 10:00 UTC
Prestige Allowed: None (1)
Bonus Experience: Triple XP!

How to Participate?

  • Join an Alliance and reach HQ Level 4!
  • Tap the Event button!
  • Select an Event Battle Zone to fight in!
  • Win your battle and gather Battle Points!
  • Collect prizes!
  • Continue to earn Battle Points!
  • Secure your rank on the Event Leaderboard!
  • Win amazing guaranteed prizes!
  • Alliance Leaderboards

Alliance Leaderboards allow you to earn Battle Points after redeeming all of your tiered prizes. Leaderboard Prizes are awarded based on your rank in relation to other Alliances in the game.

=> Only the top 40 alliance members Battle Point contributions will count towards your Alliance’s Leaderboard score.

Leaderboard Prizes are distributed at the end of the event and may take some time to process and appear.

New Bots: Rook & Blot
Ready your team for the two newest recruits to join the Earth Wars - Rook & Blot!

There will be a challenge battle available later this week for you to take our newest Protectobot and Terrorcon for a test ride!

One of the most instinctive strategists in the Autobot Earth forces, Rook's analytical/tactical mind belies his tendency to sometimes break ranks and charge headlong into the oncoming enemy forces.

Not that Rook has much to fear from incoming fire. His durabyllium armor plating can withstand punishing blasts and hold up under crushing weight, and normally at the forefront of his mind is pulling some injured party from harm's way, a feat he accomplishes by switching to his equally armored vehicle mode and utilizing his powerful hydraulic claw. It's all in a day's work for this fearless and selfless Protectobot.

Blot is a mess. No two ways about it. Emotionally and physically.

His unfortunate habit of leaking bodily fluids (oil, hydraulic and Primus knows what else) exacerbates his already low self-esteem, and so he presents a generally apathetic instinct to hygiene generally.

It doesn't help that Blot is unintelligent and slovenly, and prone to suffer breakdowns from lack of fluid. But he is very strong, loyal and agile, his piercing claws enabling Blot to climb virtually any vertical structure, making him overall useful for the Terrorcons to have around. In robot mode he's armed with a slime gun that fires a stream of odious corrosive liquid.

Explosive Decoy
Place a decoy that has 65% of your Health and attracts defences. When destroyed, it explodes dealing damage in a large area. Only one decoy can be active at a time.

Bug Fixes / Updates
The following bug fixes/updates are coming to the game soon.
Raid Beam Laser may now retarget between each attack, making abilities such as Pipes’ Defensive Rush work on them.

The HQ equipped with the Point Defense Beam or the Omni-Flamer core could target Slash/Rippersnapper even in their stealth mode.

Slash and Rippersnapper critical hit in their ability mode was dealing less damage than announced in the ability description. We have increased the damage dealt in order to match the ability description.

We have fixed an issue where Huffer/Lockdown dying was killing Blaster/Soundwave's minions.

Presenting the newest Transformers to join the Earth Wars: Rook & Blot!

Join Ioannis and Fabien who will be talking about game improvements, new features, upcoming bots and more!

Next stream will be LIVE Thursday, June 27th @4pm UTC!

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Game News: Rook and Blot Join the Battle This Weekend in "Earth Wars"
Game News: Rook and Blot Join the Battle This Weekend in "Earth Wars"
Game News: Rook and Blot Join the Battle This Weekend in "Earth Wars"
Game News: Rook and Blot Join the Battle This Weekend in "Earth Wars"
Game News: Rook and Blot Join the Battle This Weekend in "Earth Wars"