Game News: "Beast Wars" Dinobot joins "Forged to Fight"

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Game News: "Beast Wars" Dinobot joins "Forged to Fight"

Fans of Beast Wars and the mobile action game "Forged to Fight" are in for a treat this week as the former Predacon turned Maximal hero, Dinobot joins the game! Check out the awesome gameplay video below and the official Bot Intel Report breaking down the character's abilities!


Add Dinobot to your ultimate squad November 2 at 10AM PDT.

About Dinobot:
Faction: Autobot
Class: Tactician

Honor and Glory are the only two things worth dying for, a belief truly befitting this fierce Predacon turned Maximal warrior. But don't be fooled by the harsh exterior, the spark of a hero lies within the mighty Dinobot.

Stats and Abilities:
Health: 1732

  • Attack: 158
  • Max Rating: 579


  • Health: 4,253
  • Attack: 334
  • Max Rating: 1,344


  • Health: 11,053
  • Attack: 868
  • Max Rating: 3,528

    Basic Abilities: Armor Piercing, Armor Break, Crit Chance

    Sword Attacks

  • 20~40% Armor Piercing.
  • 75~100% Armor Piercing with Critical Hits.

    Struck While Blocking

  • 60% chance to deal damage to the opponent equal to 10% of their Attack Rating, if the opponent Dashes into the Block the chance increases to 100% and Dinobot inflicts double the damage.
  • 100% chance to inflict 20~40% Armor Break for 5~7 seconds when opponent’s Dash into Dinobot’s Block.
  • Well timed Blocks gain +20% Block Proficiency.

    Critical Heavy Attacks

  • 100% Chance to inflict Bleed for 50% of attack as damage over 5 seconds.

    Signature Ability - Survival of the Fittest
    Dinobot despises weakness and will pierce the blocks of enemies with broken armor.
    Blocking Opponents

  • If a Blocking opponents is Armor Broken, Dinobot deals 20% more damage through their Block and has a 10~30% chance to deliver an Unblockable Attack.

    Special Attacks:
    Special 1 - Triassic Turbulence
    Dinobot and his opponent are sent skyward.

  • 50~70% to inflict a 10~30% Armor Break for 5~7 seconds.

    Special 2 - Jurassic Justice
    Dinobot gives his opponent no quarter.

  • 20~40% Armor Piercing, that chance increases to 100% with Critical Hits.
  • 70% Chance to gain Critical Rating Up, enhancing Critical Chance and reducing the chance an opponent Evades by 30% for 7 seconds.

    Special 3 - Cretaceous Carnage
    Dinobot finishes his opponent off in a fit of primal rage.

  • 50% chance per hit to Repair 3% of Health over 4 seconds.
  • 100% Chance to gain Critical Rating Up, enhancing Critical Chance and reducing the chance an opponent Evades by 30% for 14 seconds.

    Synergy Bonuses:
    Allies - Rhinox

  • +2~8% Armor

    Enemies - Waspinator

  • +2~8% Attack Rating

    Swordmasters - Windblade, Drift, Bludgeon

  • +2~10% Critical Damage for each Sword Attack that isn’t a Critical Hit until the next Critical Hit. +4~12% more Critical Hits in Solo Missions.

    Shieldmasters - Mixmaster

  • Well timed Blocks against Melee Attacks gain +5~20% Block Proficiency.

    Strong Match-ups:

  • Grindor - Dinobot’s particular skillset make him adept at cutting through the armor of this thick-skinned helicopter.
  • Motormaster - Opponent’s that Dash into Dinobot’s Block are afflicted with Armor Break, but Motormaster loves to Dash into his enemies.

    Weak Match-ups:

  • Waspinator - Dinobot is perfectly suited to fighting opponent’s that rely on Melee Attacks while Waspinator is adept at fighting from range.
  • Mirage - Mirage’s Power Burn can drain Power through an opponent’s Block, bypassing Dinobot’s punishing Block abilities.

    Recommended Modules for Dinobot:

  • Strange Refractor - Granting Dinobot greater Block Proficiency and the ability to Stun when Blocking is a potent way to add to his already formidable abilities.
  • Nightbird’s Mark - This mod will drastically increase Dinobot’s Critical Rating, improving his Armor Piercing and Bleeding attacks.