Game News: Autobot Drift joins "Transformers: Forged to Fight" June 15th

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Game News: Autobot Drift joins "Transformers: Forged to Fight" June 15th

It is a big week for "Transformers: Forged to Fight". In addition to their 2.0 release (announced yesterday) fans can now check out images and stats for a new addition to the game: Drift! Based on his appearance in "Age of Extinction", this sword wielding Autobot can now join your army. As if all that was not enough, BWTF has been provided with an awesome video that shows off Drift's skills! You can check out the video, special creator notes and "Bot Intel Report" from the official "Transformers: Forged to Fight" web site below:

The Dirt On Drift
The Decepticon turned Autobot Drift has been hanging around in the shadows on New Quintessa for a while, but now he formally enters the fray. Let’s talk with some of the people that brought Drift to life in Forged To Fight - Francois Dinh Quang, Ryan Boulanger, and Nick Williams.

Francois Gets Frank About Drift
Cuz: I noticed that Drift has a penchant for tossing his blades around. You’re the animator, what’s the deal with this? Aren’t you worried that he will run out of swords? Or, do you have inside info that he’s sponsored by Schick or some other company that makes blades and has
somehow attached themselves to the Transformers?

Francois: When we researched Drift and were watching him in Transformer AOE, the team noticed that Drift is not the type of bot that would cry over losing his blade. He's always ready to beat bots and bleed some energon even if it means tossing his sword into someone's face and keep on fighting with another blade. We try to give him that flair into his specials, he will beat his opponent with as many as he can get his hands on!

Cuz: He has that samurai thing going on and his name is Drift...were you ever tempted to skip the whole bot thing altogether, give him the nickname Tokyo and just have him do burnouts and donuts everywhere?

Francois: At some point I thought about keeping him in his car state and just pay homage to Tokyo Drift, unfortunately Tokyo Drift is my least favorite movie of the franchise. We still decided to keep Drift doing one drift before his samurai side takes over and drift thru the air slashing his way out.

Ryan Discusses The Design Behind Drift
Cuz: I’ve had the Decepticon Bludgeon on my team for a while now, and Drift seems like a pretty good Autobot foil to the Master of Metallkito. Gives us the lowdown on Drift. What makes him tick? (Don’t say energon and his spark.)

Ryan: Bludgeon is all about raw power, being a tank he is naturally the most armored of the warrior class. Drift on the other hand is a master of Diffusion, a martial art that rewards focus and precision.

Drift joins the fight June 15th at 10AM PDT!


  • Faction: Autobots
  • Class: Warrior
  • Though some may question Drift’s loyalty to the Autobots, there’s no denying his dedication to his “sensei” Optimus Prime. Forged to wield his powerful swords, this samurai of a bot is all business when it’s time to swing or fling his blades.



  • Health: 1732
  • Attack: 152
  • Max Rating: 546


  • Health: 4253
  • Attack: 325
  • Max Rating: 1307


  • Health: 11053
  • Attack: 843
  • Max Rating: 3476


Combo Meter

  • At 5 hits Drift gains his Focus and gains a Precision Buff that increases Crit Chance by 20~30% and decreases the opponent’s chance to Evade by 75~85% until hit next by the opponent.
  • At 10 hits Drift’s Focus improves and grants him a 20~40% Crit Damage Buff in addition to his Precision Buff until hit next by the opponent.

Critical Sword Attacks

  • 52~60% chance to cause a Bleed for 15~25% of Attack over 2 seconds.

On Bleeding Opponents

  • 5% chance to Evade attacks from Bleeding opponents and gain full focus.
  • Drift becomes 5% more evasive for each active Focus Buff.

Heavy Attacks

  • Drift has a 100% chance to regain his focus Precision Buff.

The ancient martial art of Diffusion has one final level to attain.

At 15 hits Drift gains a higher level of focus and gains a Deep Focus Buff that increases the duration his bleeds by 50~150% until hit next by the opponent.

Special 1 – Courage
The heat of battle…

80% chance to cause up to 2 bleeds to the opponent inflicting 20~40% of attack over 3 seconds.

Special 2 – Discipline
…a flurry of ancient swords…

80~100% chance to inflict an epic Bleed on opponents for 100% of Attack over 10 seconds.

Special 3 – Respect
…enemies conquered
80% chance to cause up to 2 bleeds to the opponent inflicting 20~40% of attack over 3 seconds. Additionally 80~100% chance to inflict an epic Bleed on opponents for 50~100% of Attack over 10(s).



  • Sensei/Allies – Optimus Prime MV1
  • +2~10% Armor
  • Sword Masters – Bludgeon, Windblade
  • +2~10% Crit Damage for every attack that is not a Critical Hit.


  • Bumblebee: Drift’s Precision Buff will ensure Bumblebee has nowhere to Evade to.
  • Optimus Prime: Optimus Prime Armor will not prevent Drift’s Bleeds from dealing their full damage.


  • Optimus Prime MV1
  • Optimus Prime’s ability to Repair while Bleeding will turn one of Drift’s greatest strengths against himself.

Harm Accelerator
Drift Evades while the opponent is Bleeding, with the Harm Accelerator, that time is always.

Game News: Autobot Drift joins "Transformers: Forged to Fight" June 15th