Game News: "Forged to Fight" Megatron trailer and developer Q&A

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Game News: "Forged to Fight" Megatron trailer and developer Q&A

As part of the introduction of "Revenge of the Fallen" Megatron to the "Forged to Fight" game Kabam has provided new material including a video (below), turnaround GIFs and a development team Q&A!

The Making of Megatron

The master of metallic mayhem becomes available for the first time in The Fight this week, so we went behind the scenes with his makers to see what info they can make available about Megatron!

Denny Manipulates Pixels and Makes Megatron
Cuz: So, you modeled Megatron. Must have been quite a daunting honor. Did you ever get worried that he’d posses your computer and cause you to do evil things like he did Galvatron in Age of Extinction?

Denny: Evil? I think Megatron is just misunderstood. He’s all about forgiveness and second chances. Why else would he continue to trust Starscream only to be betrayed time and time again? He’s just a cuddly teddy bear wrapped in a metallic exoskeleton.

Joking aside, it was quite challenging but fun to model Megatron. From his claw cannon to his treaded feet, he had a lot of unique elements that set him apart from the other bots. I hope the fans enjoy using him as much as I enjoyed building him.

Nick Provides Visual Magic To Megatron
Cuz: Megatron’s specials are heavy on the sparks. Is this to convey the sense of angst and torment that clouds his own Spark?

Nick: Absolutely! Megatron is a boss in every sense. He has a no frills unpainted metal look. I wanted every strike to feel harsh and brutal. I used lots of grinding sparks on the hits to convey the raw nature that is Megatron. Those sparks show really well against Megatron’s 3D model.

Cuz: I see, so you probably influenced the animators to have him claw/knuckle drag in his number three special just to show off his sparks. Do his sparks have physics properties? I remember the smart guys getting all hyped about our particle physics. Care to elaborate?

Nick: Actually the animators influenced me on the claw drag. I like that particular attack a lot. It shows Megatrons visceral determination to attack his enemy. Our engineers really knocked it out of the park with our sparks technology. It lets us have thousands of sparks which can bounce off of all of the objects in the world. Bouncing sparks is something that is still hard to do on even on the most modern games.

Francois Both Hails and Animates Megatron
Cuz: Animating Megatron is a heavy task. I assumed you swore an oath of allegiance to the Darkest of Decepticons to truly nail his animations. Tell us how evil you had to get to do him justice.

Francois: You can't animate Megatron and watching my little ponies at the same time. I like to put my headphones on and listen to some Dragonforce or System of a Down. That usually give me the right energy to animate a B****s M**********r like Megatron.

Cuz: Good answer, I’ll accept that. Our model was based on Revenge of The Fallen. Were you worried that we would use the crazy Bayverse Transformium from Age of Extinction to animate Meg’s transformation. What would you do if we had?

Francois: With Transformium, maybe Megatron could have transformed into some beats by Dr Dre and embraced his soundwave's side. Although that would have been a hard pill to swallow for the fans (get it? because it's shaped like a pill...) I guess we made the good choice by sticking with his tank form.

The Pressure Is On Ryan To Make Megatron Mighty
Cuz: Tell us about what makes Megatron tick. You must have felt pressure not to make him too weak lest his minions and loyal followers seek revenge on you, right?

Ryan: Megatron was designed be a boss, both literally and figuratively, he comes equipped to handle most opponents. As he hits the opponent, he inflicts Impair Charges on them that power up his Heavy and Special Attacks. You mix that with his Bursts of Unstoppable and ability to Repair at low health and you have a beast of a bot.

Cuz: All Decepticons...well, other than Starscream...hail Megatron. That must mean they have some sweet synergies with him. Kick down on synergies and while you’re at it, divulge what mods work best with the Decepticon’s reigning bossticon.

Ryan: Well Megatron was Forged to Lead and his underlings were Forged to Serve. Barricade, Bonecrusher and Grindor each grant Megatron a unique ability to enhance his terrifying talents. In return his humble followers will be happy to receive some additional Armor, the alternative is the scrap heap.

While on defense Megatron is going to be absolutely reckless on both the Exo-Filter and the Transwarp Cell. The Exo-Filter will make Megatron become Unstoppable more often and the Transwarp Cell will encourage him to use his deadly Heavy Attack more frequently. No one comes into Megatron's home and gets away unscathed.

Game News: "Forged to Fight" Megatron trailer and developer Q&A
Game News: "Forged to Fight" Megatron trailer and developer Q&A