Toy News: Cancelled "Generation 2" Seeker Identified Decades Later

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Toy News: Cancelled "Generation 2" Seeker Identified Decades Later

Jim Sorenson is the author of many Transformers related books including the recently released Transformers: A Visual History. His work (along with the awesome Bill Forster) have uncovered many interesting treasures over the years including an interesting piece of artwork from the Generation 2 era featuring a black and blue redeco of the Seeker sculpt. For the longest time it has been a bit of a mystery as to who this was intended to be (I personally assumed it was a "steath Starscream" or something). Now Sorenson has revealed (vai his personal Facebook) that this Seeker was a new character named Blackout!

The name "Blackout" actually goes back to G1, where the name was used for a Micromaster Decepticon. Had this figure been released, it would have been the second use of the name in the line. Of course, in the years sense the name has been used many times, most famously for the live action movie Decepticon.

You can see G2 Blackout and artwork for many unreleased figures in his book "Transformers Legacy: The Art of Transformers Packaging" available now on Amazon!

*Image credit goes to Hasbro and Jim Sorenson.