Toy News: Masterpiece MP-48 Lio Convoy revealed

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Toy News: Masterpiece MP-48 Lio Convoy revealed

The "Masterpiece" line has shown itself to be willing to jump back and forth between Generation One and the "Beast Wars" era of Transformers in its character choices. However, the latest addition to the roster is a bit of a surprise: Lio Convoy! While several characters from the "Beast Wars" era have been part of "Masterpiece" line, they have generally been from the CG animated series from the 90's and not the Anime shows from Japan.

Thanks to Dengeki Hobby's Web Site we now have two images of this upcomign figure showing off its very Anime inspired look and deco. They were also kind enough to post info on this upcoming figure. Check it out below (via Google Translate):

Rio Convoy is the main character of the cell animation work produced in Japan in 1998, "The Super-Body Transformers Beast Wars II (Second)". The Rio Convoy toy sold by the company at the time of the broadcast was a record hit! An innovative transformation gimmick that transforms from a lion to a robot, and the high-impact design with the robot's “right shoulder is a lion's face”, is still highly popular among transformer fans.

"MP-48 Rio Convoy" is a completely deformed figure reproduced without leaving the figure of Rio Convoy, the leader of the Cybertron Space Guard who scanned the figure of a white lion on the planet Gaia. The attractiveness of this product is the transformation gimmick and movable gimmick made by incorporating the latest technology of transformer toys based on the animation setting, and the coloring reproduced by thoroughly examining the color of the cell drawing used for animation production at that time. It is one of the For details on prices and specifications, please wait for the follow up!


  • Transformers Masterpiece
  • MP-48 Rio Convoy
  • Target age 15 years old or older
  • Publisher: Takara Tomy
  • Price undecided
  • Expected to be released this winter

*Image credit goes to Dengeki Hobby's Web Site.

Toy News: Masterpiece MP-48 Lio Convoy revealed