Toy News: Hasbro responds to issue with "Power of the Primes" Jazz deco

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Toy News: Hasbro responds to issue with "Power of the Primes" Jazz deco

The "Power of the Primes" figures have begun to appear at retail, mostly due to intrepid fans using a combination of Target DCPI codes (which Tformers has kindly listed here) and The Brickseek Target inventory checker. Soon enough, one intrepid fan noticed some Cybertronian characters on Jazz and went to translate it (you can read the detailed story on Gizmodo). The translation? MAGA, also known as "Make America Great Again", a slogan used during President Donald Trump's campaign in 2016.

As anyone who follows the news is aware, President Trump's campaign and presidency have been polarizing forces in the political landscape, and this very rare collision of politics and Transformers toys caused quite a stir among fandom. Eventually this reached Hasbro and they responded with the following statement to Gizmodo:

"It was brought to our attention that a graphic appears on one of our Transformers figures that, when translated from Cybertonian letters to English, spells out MAGA. We investigated the issue, and discovered that one of our vendors inserted this as part of the design without authorization. We are addressing this with the vendor.

We do not intend for our products to carry political messages, and apologize to anyone who was offended by this message."

From a collector standpoint, it is almost certain that somewhere down the line it is likely a variant of Jazz will be released without the political tampograph, making this one of the first and most unusual variants of the "Power of the Primes" toy line.