Art: AmiAmi reveals new "Siege" poster art

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Art: AmiAmi reveals new "Siege" poster art

Hobby News Site Ami Ami has posted a news item about the upcoming "Generations: Siege" toy line and it features gorgeous new artwork! Painted in the same gritty style as the previously revealed artwork, this poster looks like something you would see for a theatrical movie! Check out the poster and translated text (via Google Translate) from AmiAmi below:

TOMY Company, Ltd. (President: Kazuhiro Kojima / Katsushika-ku, Tokyo) is, follow the story of deformation robot character "Transformers" in the deformation figures, toy original trilogy of "WAR War FOR Four CYBERTRON Cybertron TRILOGY Trilogy" As the first chapter, I will release the "TRANSFORMERS SIEGE Transformersie" series from February 2019.
The first one is seven kinds including "SG - 06 Optimus Prime" (5,500 yen / tax excluded), and these reservations are made from September 11, 2018 (Tue), toys specialty shops nationwide, mass sales Acceptance will be accepted at toys department of stores etc, Internet shop, official TAKARATOMY shopping site "TAKARATOMY MALL" etc.

"TRANSFORMERS SIEGE" reproduces the battle of the Transformers Corps of Justice "Autobot" and the Transformers Corps of Evil "Decepticon" in Toy, which happened in their mother star "Cybatron Star" before the Transformers came to Earth It is a series that can be done.
In order to reproduce the fierce struggle with toys, it is characterized by some characters introducing 'realistic paint painting' which tells a fierce battle scene and 'effect parts' which reproduces attack action with weapons.

The story of "TRANSFORMERS SIEGE" is scheduled to be released on October 2018 at the official website of TAKARATOMY ยท Transformers (