Sale Alert: "Mission to Cybertron" Cybertron marked down at Toys R Us

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Sale Alert: "Mission to Cybertron" Cybertron marked down at Toys R Us

Cybertron (aka Primus) was released at Toys R Us months ago, but the $149.99 price tag made it difficult for many fans to justify the cost. For those who have been waiting for a price drop, Toys R Us has finally obliged! Cybertron has dropped in price to $109.19 (a savings of $40.80). You can order the figure online with free shipping now.

Here is the official description of the figure:
The Mission to Cybertron is on with this converting Cybertron planet figure, detailed with famous cities of Cybertron. This impressive, 11-inch-scale figure converts between robot, attack, defense, and planet modes. Activate lights, sounds, and weapon accessories with lock and key included in the pack. Mission to Cybertron figures feature glyph deco and cards that can be deciphered with the decoder available online at

Cybertron is a massive, converting planet forged from a mighty and legendary spark. Home to eons of Transformers, he rests in planet mode, until combat so colossal erupts that Cybertron awakens again.

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