Comic Books: Viz Media Announces "Transformers: The Manga Volume 1"

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Comic Books: Viz Media Announces "Transformers: The Manga Volume 1"

Viz Media has announced "Transformers: The Manga Volume 1". This series will collect the Generation 1 manga strips from Japan's "TV Magazine" from the 1980's. "TV Magazine" is a monthly children's magazine published by Kodansha Ltd. in Japan. It covers a wide range of media from television shows to toys to video games. During the Generation 1 era, the Manga in "TV Magazine" was best known among fans for providing the only media at the time for series like Zone and Operation: Combination. This series of strips was reprinted in 2002 by Million Publishing but has never seen print in the United States, making this an exciting release for fans.

A day after this collection was announced, Amazon posted its pre-order for the first volume of the book with the following description:

Originally serialized in Japan’s TV Magazine, these classic stories from the Generation 1 era of Transformers are now available in English for the first time!

The Autobots and Decepticons have been locked in a brutal civil war for eons, and now their battle has come to Earth! The Autobots seek peace and coexistence, while the Decepticons seek power and control. Earth and its populace are caught between the two as these mighty factions go head-to-head. Transformers took the world by storm shortly after their debut, and these previously uncollected stories were a vital part of that takeover!

The Autobots and their young friend Kenji stand tall against the Decepticons in an interplanetary conflict! Packed with thrilling Transformers tales, this hardcover collector’s volume contains classic stories such as “The Great Transformer War” and “Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers.”

This was announced via Twitter, though it is not yet posted on the Viz web site. You can see the original announcement Tweet and image below:

Amazon has the first volume listed at $24.99 USD with a release date of February 11, 2020.