Toy News: Wonderfest reveals new Transformers figures including a Star Convoy homage and Masterpiece Blackarachnia

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Toy News: Wonderfest reveals new Transformers figures including a Star Convoy homage and Masterpiece Blackarachnia

Winter Wonder Festival 2019 has begun and Takara Tomy was on hand with an impressive display showing off several upcoming Transformers coming out in Japan this year! Before I go down the list of reveals, check out the set up from the Official Takara Tomy Transformers Twitter:

Part of the display was an actual vintage Volkswagon Beetle (or at least, a well done mock up of one). While not the vehicle used to film the "Bumblebee" Movie it was neat to have the vehicle there to pay homage to the character. Check out Takara Tomy's photos embedded below:

Now for the awesome stuff. Thanks to Twitter user @Chohenken we have photos from the Takara Tomy booth. The first surprise was an out of blue reveal of Masterpiece Blackarachnia! Featuring the character as she appeared in the animated series, she also includes a display stand with a web attached to it. This is perhaps the most screen accurate version of the character ever created as an action figure.

Of course, Masterpiece is also focused on the G1 era, and both a grey model of Hound and a color figure of the new MP-45 Bumblebee were on dispaly. Bumblebee features a much more G1 cartoon accurate appearance than the previous Masterpiece Bumblebee:

Another huge surprise was a retool of the "Power of the Primes" Leader Class Optimus Prime that pays homage to Star Convoy! Star Convoy was only released in Japan during G1 and featured a very unconventional design for the Autobot leader incuding a giant star on his chest and the ability for him to turn into a Micromaster base!

The other figure revealed is a homage to "Armada" Optimus Prime. While only the cab/robot is shown, other sites have revealed that behind the legs are larger fists, indicating this figure should be able to combine with a trailer to form the larger "Super Robot" form of "Armada" Optimus Prime!

While he was revealed earlier this week, also on display was Commander Class Jetfire! This figure stands at 11 inches (about 27.9 centimeters) tall so it towered over the other figures in the display!

Also on display was Movie Masterpiece-8 Megatron. This figure represents Megatron as he appeared in the first live action Transformers film.

Last, but not least is the "Golden Lagoon" version of Soundwave, which features the "Titans Return" Soundwave figure in vac metal gold, paying homage to the classic G1 episode. Check it out in the embed below:

Other figures were on display as well including the upcoming Legends EX Big Powered set.

With these reveals now out in the world, it is likely official photos will follow soon. When they appear online BWTF will bring you the news and photos for you to enjoy!