Transformers Animated Safeguard Reviewed

Born from a split Protoform, these two Autobot brothers were chosen to become two of the most powerful warriors ever developed by Autobot science. They are Jetfire and Jetstorm, two Autobots who combine into the awesome Safeguard! Take a look at my review of this two pack here.


Just some tidbits

Jetstorm's element is actually wind, rather than ice. While ice would be the obvious idea for his element to go with Jetfire's fire (like "Fire & Ice"), the fictin says otherwise. In the show and comics, where Jetfire is shown to shoot fire attacks from his hands, Jetstorm is shown to use whirlwinds and tornado attacks. Not to mention that wind matches up with the "storm" part of his name better than ice does.

Also, I'm surprised you didn't mention Safeguard's similarity to Energon Omega Supreme, who was also a "half-former" formed by a yellow/orange vehicle and a blue vehicle is a similar manner to Safeguard's form.

And, since the Jet Twins are Autobots, they can't have long-range weaponry like guns and missiles since those are used only by the Decepticons in Animated.

Well, as physically

Well, as physically represented on the figure, his 'blades' resemble ice more than wind. Wind would be more soft looking, not hard edged and crystalline, so i went with that. I do agree wind fits and was the portrayal on the show, but I was going mostly by the toy.

You are right about that. I may add that in. Good catch re: Omega.

As for long range weaponry, of course they can. If Rodimus Minor can have firing missiles, any Autobot can. :)

Benson Yee
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The Chosen One

Well, Rodimus is special. He's the "Chosen One", after all (term comes from his TFCC bio). ;)

Even still, he seems to be the only TFA Autobot whose toy comes with a missile launcher, so he's not the best argument to use when he's a one-of-a-kind.