Revenge of the Fallen Voyager Class Bludgeon Reviewed

A master of the ancient art of Metallikato, the Decepticon Bludgeon has long made his presence felt in Transformers comic books, but now the character gets a full fledged new sculpt dedicated to him. Check out my review of Voyager Class Bludgeon!


Bludgeon justifies the movies' existence

The addition of movie versions of classic characters is a masterstroke on Hasbro's part, a subtle undercutting of the continuity of the movies while still creating massive new possibilities for future stories. Bludgeon is a truly brilliant example of how to merge the old with the new-- I can't wait for Brawn and Lockdown!

The one sad part is that so many names can't be used because they're already in the Movie continuity as completely different characters. I'd have loved to see a Movie take on G1 Sideswipe, piledrivers, jetpack and all. There could still be a 'Detective Nightbeat' to go with 'Samurai Bludgeon' though...