"Transmissions", the BWTF.com podcast premieres!

After spending a couple years just listening to podcasts, I've finally decided to put a small one together. I'm no audio professional, I admit, but I thought it would be a fun way to share my thoughts with fellow fans in a more contemporary format. My Podcast page is based on Libsyn.com and in homage to the classic G1 comic book's letters page, the Podcast is called "Transmissions". Head on over to the Transmissions Podcast page now to listen to the first edition of "Transmissions"!

*Note: I originally intended to launch this in March, but my enthusiasm got the better of me!


Good job!

I lost the phone #, so I'll just do it this way. I liked what you did, you had good content, the way you organized it was very good. The transformation sound as a segway was a very nice touch!