Mudflap and Skids will NOT return fo "Transformers 3" or will they?

On a recent post on Michael Bay's web site, the "Transformers" director states that the twins Mudflap and Skids will not be returning for "Transformers 3", the as yet untitled third Transformers live action film. Fans may recall that many people were offended by these characters (and I commented on them in my podcast in February).

Here's the thing, during the shooting of "Revenge of the Fallen", there were claims that Megatron would not return and spy reports indicate the Beat and Trax vehicles were on the set of "Transformers 3", so it is quite possible that this is a part of a misinformation campaign, similar to that used for "Revenge". Either way, you can read Michael Bay's post on this topic here.


Nice try.

I'm sorry, Mr. Bay, but there's just no way you can possibly disappoint me any further. I'll save my money for Transformers Begins or whatever they end up calling the franchise reboot in ten years.


That's great news. Those two were annoying, ugly, and added nothing to the movie. Devastator squished them, end of story.