Transformers: Prime cast members announced! Cullen, Welker and more!

Hasbro has released an announcement regarding upcoming programming on its Hub Network. Part of this lists cast members of the upcoming "Transformers: Prime" series! The cast will include:

  • Peter Cullen ("Transformers", "Winnie the Pooh")
  • Frank Welker ("Transformers", "Scooby Doo")
  • Gina Torres ("Mad TV", "Xena: Warrior Princess", "Firefly")
  • James Remar ("Dexter", "Jericho", "Ben 10: Alien Force")
  • Josh Keaton ("Justice League: Circle of Two Earths", "The Spectacular Spider-Man")
  • Kevin Michael Richardson ("The Batman", "The Cleveland Show")
  • Markie Post ("The Fall Guy", "Night Court")

This is quite an exciting roster of actors, some of whom I love watching in any work. James Remar is awesome in Dexter and Gina Torres has been a Geek crush of mine since the days of "Xena".


Re tf prime

Welker and Cullen are back!!!!! Yesssss!!!!