"Transformers: Prime" promo videos: Arcee, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper and Jack Darby!

The Hub has posted four new "Transformers: Prime" videos on its Youtube channel. Each focuses on a character from the new series:


In action - yes

Everyone is portrayed as fearless, though the vibe I got was that Arcee is a bit more "controlled" while Cliffjumnper is the more "reckless" one. I did like Arcee's comment on "family" though. :)

Benson Yee
"The least likely can be the most dangerous." - Bumblebee

I was hoping that with a

I was hoping that with a smaller cast of characters, we could see some variety in personality types. But I guess with a small crew, it's more important for everyone to get along which can be done when they have similar personalities.

I wonder if they're going to continue the Animated meme of Autobots having melee weapons while the cons have ranged. We saw Arcee dodging blasts while running up into melee range and Cliffjumper getting ready to brawl. While I can appreciate the symbolic differences, it doesn't make tactical sense.


Is it me or do all three characters have similar personality traits (tough, eager to fight, etc)?

That's nothing new

That's just what you write in an action show promo when you don't actually know anything about the characters. Those are also the only personality traits ever displayed on the old Beast Wars bio cards, after all, and we know they're not all the same!