"Transformers Dark of the Moon" teaser trailer debuts

The teaser trailer for the third live action "Transformers" film has been posted on Apple.com trailers. The trailer starts with footage from the 1969 moon landing mingled in with film footage showing the landing we are all familiar with - but there was truly more than meets the eye going on forty years ago as we discover the true reason for the mission - exploration of a crashed Transformers ship! What follows is a very brief look at a mysterious robot (who bears some resemblance to Vector Prime) awakening. You can view the trailer on Apple.com!

Transformers 3 Robot


does look like vector prime,

does look like vector prime, but with m. bay we should know better

On YouTube

This trailer is available on YouTube (along with some fake trailers that still look good). I wonder how they're going to respect continuity. We know from the comic and second movie the 'cons were on Mars and beyond so why did the ignore the crashed cybertonian ship that was much closer to Earth? Was it just not worth their time or did Sigma crash there like Megatron?


You know what's weird? Both movies have been terrible disappointments, but my god, these teaser trailers are always absolutely stunning. They're well timed, inspire some genuine awe and emotion, and never feature robots taking dumps on humans or whatever. It's almost hard to believe that the trailers are connected to the Transformers movies at all-- is Bay even directing them?


Hollywood makes awesome trailers, but bad movies. (Trailers get you to see the movie and once they have your money, they don't care what happens next. It's true of all businesses.)

Unfortunately for me, I can't view this trailer because you need Quicktime and I refuse to put any kind of iVirus on my system. Maybe YouTube has it.