Power Core Combiners Darkstream with Razorbeam Reviewed

The Skyburst sculpt gets a new deco and new identity as Darkstream. His partner is Razorbeam, a redeco of Chopster. Does this pair make a strong 2 pack in the Power Core Combiners line? Read my review to find out!


Razorbeam's utility

Using Skyburst and Chopster, I found a way to have them interact; the Scout figure can hold the Mini-Con's hands! It's not the best fit and probably not on purpose, but it allows him to wield Razorbeam/Chopster as a two-handled gun, a mancatcher with outstretched blade legs, or just have the Mini-con do some oldschool breakdancing spins on his hand as Skyburst/Darkstream beatboxes.