Michael Bay discusses "Transformers Dark of the Moon" and issues with "Revenge of the Fallen"

Movie web site Collider recently went to Bay Films to see preview footage of "Dark of the Moon" and were part of a question and answer session with Michael Bay himself. Bay offers some of his thoughts on what went "wrong" with "Revenge of the Fallen" and how he plans to make "Dark of the Moon" a stronger film. Among the reasons he cites are timing:

"On the second movie we got burned. We had a writers strike, we had to agree on a story in three weeks, and then we knew they were going on strike."

Collider also gives its impressions of the footage that was seen (which was not complete yet) but they were asked not to reveal any spoilers outside what has already been seen in the teaser trailer. Check out Collider.com for the full visit report and interview questions and answers.