Generations Scourge reviewed

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His origins are the stuff of legend and rumor. Was he one of Scorponok's warriors on Nebulos? Or was he the creation of a Dark God made to lead the dreaded Sweeps? Whatever his origin, Scourge is back in the Generations toy line. Today, (finally) reviews this cool figure, take a look!


Targetmaster has been done

Good review, but I don't think it needed the targetmaster figure like what done for Cyclonus. Scourge's gun already looked like the targetmaster version, but having it transform into a figure would seem like Hasbro was repeating itself. Worse, it would be seen as the start of a trend and we'd ask questions about the other Targetmasters. No, having the weapon split in 2 and allowing Scourge to hold both and store both in the wings gave it something different. My only big complaint was that there was no real place to put the weapons on the outside of the vehicle. There were two c-clip bars on the bottom, but you couldn't really use them. Also the rear landing gear made the jet tip forward.