Hasbro responds to allegations of poor working conditions in China

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On December 19, 2011, a story broke pointing out poor working conditions in the "Jet Fair" factory that produces items including Transformers products. This report included photos and first hand accounts of these conditions.

Hasbro has now released a statement responding to these allegations. Among the steps they have taken to ensure compliance with their standards was an unannounced inspection of the site.

Some fans are relieved by this, others have dismissed it as lies and corporate-speak. It's hard to say for sure. We can all be dismissive of one side or the other, but the fact remains that none of us are actually there day to day. We have no idea if the factory caught wind of the report and then quickly changed things just in time for the inspection or if every photo we saw from the original report was actually from the factory.

The unfortunate fact is that many factories around the world have working conditions like this, and there are no easy answers as to how to fix this problem. However, it is my hope that Hasbro's compliance rules are rigorous and that all companies they work with are held to this standard.