Sponsor News: TF Source - KM-03X Mirrorvers​e Cyclops - Limited Edition Holiday Exclusive

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We have updated our site with the second Holiday Exclusive this year, none other than the Mirrorverse Cyclops! This figure is from an alternate reality and features an exclusive color scheme, unique packaging, and will have other special bonuses MMC will reveal at a later date. Best of all he’s just $37.95 and if a certain predetermined preorder quantity is hit MMC will lower the price by $4 per figure, and TFsource will pass along those savings making this figure just $33.95! We anticipate this piece will ship out at about the same time as the FP-DX Armored Battalion set, if you already preordered and want to add the KM-03X to your preorder please email: customercare@tfsource.com and we will be happy to add to your existing preorder. Preorder yours here for $37.95 or $39.95 for a mint box:

KM-03X Mirrorverse Cyclops - Limited Edition Holiday ExclusiveAdditionally our quantity of FP-DX Armored Battalion set of 3 is 70-75% pre-sold through in just days, so don’t miss out and preorder yours before it’s gone! We’ve received an updated photo included a never before seen photo of the full set of 6.

Preorder yours for just $159.99 or $164.99 for a mint box here:
FP-DX Armored Battalion - Set of 3 - Limited Edition Holiday Exclusive