Transformers News Roundup - First Edition Voyagers, "Transformers 4" script leaked? and movie casting!

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For those who missed them before, "Transformers Prime" First Edition Bulkhead and Optimus Prime are up for order online! via Toys R Us

"Transformers" director Michael Bay has denied that the "leaked script" for "Transformers 4" (which included Unicron) is real - via Entertainment Weekly

The "Transformers Legends" Mobile Collector Card Game is now live for Android (with iPhone to come), Kotaku takes a look - via Kotaku

Actor Mark Wahlberg, due to star in "Transformers 4" discussed his role with Yahoo! Movies - via Yahoo! Movies

Michael Bay has cast his "young leads" for "Transformers 4", replacing Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington who are not returning - via Vibe