Toy Review Update: "Beast Machines" Obsidian review updated with new photos

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The update of "Beast Machines" toy reviews continues! Tonight it's one of the infamous Cybertronian Generals: Obsidian! Check out my new photos in this review.


Back in 2000

Wow, it was released in 2000. How time flies. I mean I remember how the finale was preempted by news about the US presidential election. It's nearly the midpoint in Transformers history and the last we saw of the G1 cartoon world. We need a timeline of Transformers TV series for a better perspective along with major developments in the toy development (things like the 5mm pegs and ball joints). Let's see there were 4 Japanese series brought to the US then Animated and Prime. I keep thinking there was something after Beast Machines and Car Robots but I'm coming up blank.