Toy News: IGN reveals G1 themed "Age of Extinction" Dinobot SDCC Exclusive!

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Entertainment site IGN revealed this morning the second San Diego Comic-Con 2014 exclusive "Transformers" set: Generation One themed Dinobots! According to the article: "It includes Voyager scale Grimlock and Deluxe scale Snarl, Strafe, and Dinobot Slug in all of their prehistoric glory.".

But that's not all! They will come in packaging that itself can transform into a replica of the G1 Ark interior complete with Teletran-1! Check out the original article here!

Ark exterior
Ark interior
Grimlock (Beast Mode)
Grimlock (Robot Mode)
Snarl (Beast Mode)
Snarl (Robot Mode)
Strafe (Beast Mode)
Strafe (Robot Mode)