Toy News: Unreleased "Generation 2" Stunticon set on ebay, the bidding is insane!

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A very rare item has appeared on ebay and caused quite a stir among long time "Transformers" fans. A full, loose set of the unreleased Stunticons from "Generation 2" has made its way online. The set was never released, though carded samples have appeared over the years here and there and the Breakdown figure was a Botcon exclusive in the 90's. The auction is authentic enough that it even contains the original Hasbro paperwork! With 8 days to go, the bidding is currently at a staggering $10,100! Check it out here.

Images attached to this article are from z75sales, the person running the auction.

Hasbro paperwork
Bagged set
Bagged set (top view)
Motormaster (Close up)
Drag Strip
Wildrider (Close up)
Dead End
Dead End (Close up)
Breakdown (Close up)