Movie News: "Transformers" cinematic universe to expand

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Movie News: "Transformers" cinematic universe to expand

According to Deadline Paramount and Hasbro are preparing to take the cinematic "Transformers" Universe in a bigger direction. Negotiations are currently in the works for Akiva Goldsman to manage an "incubator" of movie ideas in a similar fashion to the current Marvel "Avengers" franchise.

This is no surprise as "Transformers" has been one of Paramount's most successful franchises since it began in 2007. The series has been virtually critic-proof at the box office, with each entry earning Paramount and Hasbro tons of money. Also, "Age of Extinction" was advertised as a "soft reboot" of sorts, opening the door for more "Transformers" movies in the future.

Personally I am hoping this opens the door for more character-centric films focused on the robots instead of teams of humans. Of course, this is all still in the negotiation stage and things can change. For now it's an interesting direction for the line and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes in the future.

Special thanks to Bill Barclay and Steve Kushnir for giving me the heads up on this story.