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Happy Friday everyone!

Thank you for all visiting this site and continuing to encourage me in developing the new BWTF. As you can tell, I've been trying to catch up with reviews, both for older and current product. Mysteriously, no one has yet cursed me out via comment form for liking Transformers too much or being Hasbro's lapdog. Go figure!

Anyhoo, in the weeks to come I anticipate continuing to restore more galleries, uploading more current reviews and restoring older sections such as 1-2-3 Transformers and so on. I'm eager to finish restoring toy sections so I can move on to other parts such as comic book reviews as well.

It is important for visitors to remember that BWTF is not my full time occupation, and that I have several responsibilities outside of the site including, but not limited to, my family and full time job. I have tried to make it a point to update every day if possible (with only a couple interruptions).

On another note, I appreciate all those who have donated to the server fund thus far. It really means a lot to me if someone wants to contribute to the site even in these rough economic times.

And now, to address a rather discouraging comment received in the ol' inbox:

[quote]You would have been better served opting for an InvisionFree or Yuku board that what you currently have.

I mean come on you went from ezboard to something I forget to Vbulletin to this? Ezboard was a lot better than your current forum.[/quote]

During the planning phase of BWTF's restoration, I considered many Vbulletin type options. While the options you mention are indeed good boards, they all share one commonality: they do not tie into Drupal's user database. I am not a database administrator by trade, nor do I have the funds to hire one to figure out how to get the two to integrate. I felt for simplicity's sake, the best option was to use Drupal's built in forum module, which is an extension of its comments ability.

Now, there are ways to add on modules to Drupal's forums to make it resemble other boards such as vbulletin more and provide additional functionality. This is a long term project I intend to take on. However at this time I feel readers want me to focus my efforts more on restoring toy review sections, the TV show review sections, image galleries etc. But what do you think, fellow fans? Should I listen to this comment and focus all my efforts on just updating the boards?

That's all for this update folks, feel free to reply with questions, comments etc.

So far my only gripe with

So far my only gripe with the forums is the numbering system on the replies, but personally, I'd rather see more of the galleries and especially more of the reviews restored. I'm also just glad that the forums are back up period and am perfectly happy to work through the numbering system in favor of updated reviews. Especially since I have long held the opinion that this site easily has consistently had the best pics of most transformers on the net.

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