"Transformers Revenge of the Fallen" CGI character renders released

Several renders of key characters from "Revenge of the Fallen" have appeared online at various web sites. The characters featured include Ravage, Sideswipe, Starscream and "The Fallen" himself! You can view these on several sites including TotalFilm.com, Screenrant.com and Joblo.com. I love how high quality these renders are. Sideswipe is probably my favorite, but there's something wonderfully creepy and evil looking about Ravage. I can't wait to see these guys in action!


It's a good point that the

It's a good point that the TRUE fans are accepting of change, although I will point out that many of the examples cited actually were complained about (Ironhide being the exception. No one cares about Ironhide). Inevitably we came to accept those incarnations as those various characters, but it wasn't an overnight process. I freely admit to being a "G1 toyhack" and hated Beast Wars for a long time, but over time it has come to be one of my favorite TF series.

My only problem with the movie designs isn't that they don't look enough like their G1 counterparts, it's that they don't even look like robots. I get that they were trying to make them look alien, but come on. They just look terrible. Some of them I've kind of warmed up to because they've been refined a bit since the initial images were released (like Bumblebee, Barricade, Optimus) but I still asthetically can't stand Megatron. I thought the film itself was good. not great, but good.

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I honestly can't stand the design of these Transformers. They're just a mess. Jetfire has a cane? I mean, these aren't even close to the Transformers I grew up with.

This is not G1.

These aren't supposed to be the ones people grew up with. These are completely new characters with old names reused for them.

In fact, I don't get why it's only the movie characters with G1 names that didn't look like their G1 versions that everyone complains about not looking G1-accurate. Every series after G1 has recycled various G1 names, yet nobody ever complained about them. But when the live-action movie came out, everybody complained about the characters using G1 names not looking like their G1 versions.

"Why is movie Ironhide not red?" What about RiD and Energon Ironhide? They weren't red either, yet no one cared. "Why is Optimus blue with flames, and not a flat front truck?" What about RiD Optimus (who was a fire truck), Armada Optimus (who was also not a flat front truck), and Cybertron Optimus (another fire truck). "Why is Megatron not a gun?" Forgotten about every post-G1 Megatron in existence, it seems. "Why is Starscream not gray/white and red?" Hey, neither was Machine Wars Screamer. "Why is Frenzy not (G1) Soundwave?" Why does he have to be? And Cybertron Soundwave was a stealth bomber, so his altmode doesn't matter. "Why is Bonecrusher ugly and not green?" Because he's not a constructicon and doesn't have to be. And neither was Beast Wars Bonecrusher. "Michael Bay you've ruined my childhood!" Oh stop being such a drama king.

And most of these complaints came from regular fans, not Geewunners like they sound like.

I know it's not G1, and you're kind of a dweeb.

I never said any of these things. I will however state that the first movie was pretty terrible and appealed to the lowest common denominator. Michael Bay didn't ruin my childhood at all, but he's still incapable of making a good film despite the size of his ego, and the newest Transformers film looks to be more of the same.

Now back to the new designs. I don't think it's wrong to wish for *somewhat* faithful translations of the material on which all of this is based. I mean, they obviously thought it was important to make Optimus Prime look a little bit like Optimus Prime. Jazz looks a little bit like Jazz, and that's where it ends. I mean, Frenzy has to go down as one of the worst Transformer designs I've ever seen, and unfortunately the robots in this new movie seem to build of this hideous design aesthetic.

I never said you did.

I never said you stated any of that. I was making a general point.

G1, however, is.

I think you're misappropriating those comments-- they don't sound like Transformers 'fans' so much as simply normal people. You know, the ones who remember Transformers from when they were kids. before they discovered girls and gave away all their toys. These are the ones who are complaining about Michael Bay ruining their childhood-- because they just wanted to revisit their childhood for a while in this movie, but it really had nothing to do with their childhoods at all.

Actual Transformers fans, however-- the ones like us, who were skeptical about Beast Wars but came to love it, gritted their teeth and stuck gamely with the series through the Unicron Trilogy, then were skeptical about Transformers Animated but came to love it-- are completely used to names and faces changing every year. There have been so many different interpretations of Prowl that it seems strange to use the name without a (G1) or (TFA) modifier afterward. These are the real fans-- the ones who post on sites like BWTF.

These people dislike the Michael Bay movie for another reason entirely; it's simply a terrible, terrible movie!