'Transformers' Sequel Is 'Bigger, Badder, Better,' Cast Says

MTV.com has posted an interview with Ramon Rodriguez and Isabel Lucas, two of the cast members of "Revenge of the Fallen". Rodriguez plays Leo Spitz, Sam's roommate at Princeton University and Lucas plays Alice, another Princeton student who crushes on Sam. Shooting could be rough at times. "Bay brought a couple of industrial-size fans to the Egyptian desert that blew 100-mile-per-hour, sand-filled winds at Rodriguez's face. He ended up dislocating his shoulder and needed to have his eyes flushed out for 45 minutes.". Read the rest of the article here.


Wait a minute--

How can it be both better AND badder? Are the good parts even better and the bad parts even worse?

"Bad" as in "Wicked"

"Bad" as in "Wicked". The newer meaning of the word "bad" which means "cool", as opposed the old meaning which means "not good".