Transformers Animated Prowl Reviewed

Rather than pursue pure logic like his G1 predecessor, Animated Prowl seeks perfect harmony by studying the way of the ninja. Read BWTF's review of this mysterious Cybertronian ninja.


Your figure seems to have an error

The crest horns on your Prowl figure are left upainted as black. Whereas they should be painted gold. Nearly all the other releases of this toy have gold horns. Yours, however, seems to have a missing paint app.

But, this isn't he first time something like this has happened to somebody. When I first gt my Prowl figure, his face had a big spot of yellow paint right in the middle of his face. This, of course, was a piant app mistake. I eventually boguht a second one, whose face was painted correctly, and now I use my first one with the spot as Prowl's hologram double.

Thanks for the note! I've

Thanks for the note! I've amended the review accordingly. This is great info to have. :)

Benson Yee
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