Shoud the Transformer films be made by fans???

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I know bay has the films but coud they be something more if the fans were aloud to work on it??? like simon furman writing the screen play for them and a Director who is a fan themselfs???

Furman writing would be a

Furman writing would be a mistake. Some characters he does well and some he does terribly (including Optimus Prime). I'd rather have somebody who does alright overall.

Also while I'd like to think having fans write/direct a movie would be better, this is rarely the case. Bob Forward and Larry DiTillo didn't know anything about transformers when they started writing beast wars. They didn't even like the concept. They still managed to make a really great TV series. Then look at Jason goes to Hell, a Friday the 13th movie made by fans of the series that basically bombed in the box office.

Personally I think bay and

Personally I think bay and his people have done a good job so far on the live action movies. until he finds a way to screw up the next TF movie some how I say let him continue doing what he does.

Joint venture

I believe the making of the Transformers should be a joint venture. Throughout the history of the Transformers line, Hasbro and its predecessors have decided who and what happens within their product and cartoons. But as we found out with the death of Optimus Prime in the Generation One movie, the fans have a great deal to say. I know I was devastated when I found out from a friend that Optimus died. The people behind the scenes didn't even know how intertwined the fans were in this.

Let Hasbro and the corporate giants make the movies, they are better at understanding the legalities of these things. But the fans shouldn't be completely left out. There are far too many fans to take individual ideas. Throw out a few general ideas and see what the fans stick to the wall. For sure fans will offer their own ideas which will be varied and unique. Heck, I want to see Unicron somewhere within the next couple of movies. I won't be disappointed and ban the movie if it doesn't happen, just would be nice.

No, they should be made by Hasbro.

As complicated as our relationship with Hasbro/Kenner/Takara/Tomy is, we have to remember that Transformers is their baby above all and they know what is and isn't right for it. One of the things that rubs me the wrong way so much about the movies is that, for me at least, it just doesn't have that Hasbro feel. They don't feel like they were made for kids, and that really goes against the grain of what I think Transformers has always been. It's a lot like Kiss-Players in that regard.

When I talked to Joe Kyde at Botcon 09, I asked him, "Is the movie toyline a Hasbro property, or is it a Paramount property that Hasbro is licensing under the Transformers brand, like you did with Animorphs?" He said he would need a team of lawyers to answer that question, but he stressed that Hasbro was making an effort to provide for all branches of the fans with their Classics lines and other sublines. In a way this confirmed my suspicions-- Hasbro doesn't think of the movies as 'theirs'.

Derrick Wyatt and Larry DiTillio were both very familiar with Transformers before being hired on, but didn't really become hardcore until they got involved with the fanbase through the shows they were working on. The two shows they worked on are easily the most beloved series since Generation One! It would have been nice if Orci/Kurtzman/Kruger had taken as deep an interest in the project.


I think it depends.

I know some older fans will just want to make a new continuity like G1... which defeats the point of being a rebooted continuity. (Which brings me to this: It's always that universe of which slavish redecos/retools/homages are based upon... instead of other, more diverse and interesting ones (in terms of aesthetic, such as Beast Machines and Cybertron.)

On the other hand, they could use past knowledge of characters, MacGuffins, events, designs and aesthetics to create something completely new and refreshing. Derrick Wyatt is a good example of such, he really helped develop the Animated universe into the popular and refreshing continuity that it is.... even if it does have four totally original characters to it's name.

It's half and half, but I'm leaning towards a no, as I get the impression that more fans will do the former rather than the latter.

Big fan Director <> Great

Big fan Director <> Great Movie... Remember Daredevil???, (Which I liked by the Way, kinda guilty pleasure)

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