"Revenge of the Fallen" Press Reviews

Reviews for "Revenge of the Fallen" have begun to appear online at major news venues and fan sites. Here are some quotes from various reviews:

San Francisco Chronicle
"Funny, percussive and 20 minutes too long, the film could do with less of its overserious Pyramids battle climax. "

Boston Herald
"It’s eye-candy for your inner toddler, a big, stupid, live-action cartoon made by robots and probably best enjoyed by robots."

USA Today
"Though there are more special effects and new ways for machines to turn into 'bots, the story seems as if it's about to end at least three times."

Philadelphia Daily News
"It's the movie to see if the most important person in your life is Optimus Prime. If, like me, you think Optimus Prime is a Roman steakhouse, move on."

Philadelphis Inquirer
"Fortunately, this metal mess is enlivened by John Turturro, who shows up and injects the surprisingly raunchy film with a raunchily funny line or two."

The Boston Globe
"The sequel to the 2007 summer hit “Transformers’’ - based on the Hasbro line of snap-together battle-bots and thus the ultimate toyification of American cinema - offers nothing for mature adult sensibilities. On the contrary, it laughs at the very idea and then blows more stuff up."

Believe it or not, I looked for positive quotes in these reviews, but there weren't many. It is important to note that most critics hated the first movie as well. While I have my personal gripes with the flick that you can read about in my review, I still think it is a fun film that you can enjoy, if you check your brain at the door.


Racial stereotypes vs. sexual innuendo

It would seem that this film is getting more insults regarding the 'so-called' racial stereotype in the form of Skids and Mudflap, rather than what I thought was the real problem with the film: the constant sexual innuendo. It wasn't funny before and it's certainly not funny now. Adding in more than before just makes it worse.

The movie was fantastically awesome, but it would've been incredibly fantastically awesome without the potty humor. There is a difference between being funny and being dirty. It just goes to show that sometimes cleaner is better.

I was going to give it a chance

I had been seriously let down by the original movie. Like you, I had been encouraged by Orci and Kurtzman's comments at BotCon, and I felt, "You know what, I am a die-hard Transformers fan after all-- sure, I was burned by the first, but I'll go back and touch that red-hot stove again."

I was even emboldened by a quote on Rotten Tomatoes: "No giant robots urinate on humans in Revenge Of The Fallen."

Then I clicked on the review and read how that sentence ended.

You know what? I'm just going to wait for the Rifftrax on this one.