Beast Wars

An era when beast-based Transformers dominated the line. Includes Japanese releases such as Beast Wars Metals and Neo.

Beast Wars Transformers B'Boom Toy Review

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Beast Wars Transformers

B'Boom General Information:
Release Date: 1996
Price Point: $10.99 (depending on retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, Target etc.)
Accessories: Missile launcher, Missiles x 2

Beast Wars Transformers Bantor Toy review

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Beast Wars Transformers

Tech Specs:
Name: Bantor
Function: Jungle Warrior, Demolitions Expert

Beast Wars Transformers Armordillo Toy Review

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Beast Wars Transformers

Hasbro Catalog Picture of both modes

Armordillo was one of the last group of basic Maximal toys to be released utilizing the "spring loaded transformation" feature. He was later used in the Japanese Beast Wars toy lines twice. First released with Snapper in a playset and then later repainted as Bump, a member of the Beast Wars Neo Cybertrons.

Beast Wars Transformers Antagony Toy Review

in 1998, Action Figure Review, Beast Wars, Botcon, Predacon

Beast Wars Transformers

Antagony is the Botcon 1998 large exclusive toy. It is a repaint of the original Inferno toy. The new color scheme is primarily black and lavender with silver and dark brown coloring as well.

Beast Wars Transformers Toy Review Index

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Beast Wars Transformers

Following the end of Generation 2, the Transformers line underwent one of its most dramatic reinventions to date. Set in the future, the Autobots and Decepticons have ended their war, but after a long period of peace, their descendents begin the war again. Heroic Maximals battle evil Predacons disguised as organic animals in a savage battle known as the Beast Wars!