Playskool and Go-Go-Gobots

Cute and chunky characters inhabit this alternate Transformers world aimed at younger fans.

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Rescue Bots

A group of Autobots, too young to protect humanity alongside Optimus Prime and his team, are partnered with a close-knit human family of first responders. Together, they learn teamwork and heroism alongside their new human friends in this Playskool toy line. The listings below are adapted from the format on the Transformers Wiki Page.


Interviews: Go-Go-Gobots Questions

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1) Did the "Tonka 1-2-3" line from 2000/2001 inspire the creation of the Playskool Transformers line? If not, what prompted the creation of the line?
No, the line was created to bring fun of Transformers to preschoolers.