Introduced in 2003, the Masterpiece line of Transformers created some of the highest quality Transformers ever made for the specialty market. Targeted towards a more discriminating collector, these figures often featured high levels of detail, articulation and in some cases, die cast metal with rubber tires.

Toy Review: Masterpiece Convoy review (circa 2003) restored

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After a long absence, I have restored the "Masterpiece" section of the toy reviews area on the site. Along with an index I have also restored MP-1 Convoy's review and translations. Enjoy!

Masterpiece Transformers MP-1 Convoy Toy Review

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General Information
Release Date: December 2003
Retailer: Japanese Exclusive (in this packaging)
Price: $100.00 (Average price at Japanese import shops)
Accessories: Rifle, Energy Axe, Matrix, Megatron gun, Cardboard trailer