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Sponsor News: TF Source - Kabaya Candy Series 6 - Dai Atlas Preorders Up

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Great news for Kabaya fans – just announced is series 6 Dai Atlas! Each inner case of 8 will include a random assortment of figures, shown so far are Sonic Bomber, Dai Atlas, Big Powered, and Road Fire! Due out in December.

Preorders up at TFsource for $43.95 per case of 8!

Kabaya Dai Atlas Assortment 6 - Candy Toys Assorted Box of 8 Figures

Toy News: Official Takara Tomy Arms Micron "Arms Master" Optimus Prime Video

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Toy Review: Transformers Prime Energon Driller with Knock Out

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KNOCK OUT has spent so much time in the underground weapon design and cyber-surgery racket that he's come to literally prefer being underground. For moving shipments of plasma fusers through AUTOBOT territory, there's nothing better than the ENERGON DRILLER. Today's review brings you a look at the Energon Driller playset with Knock Out!

Toy Review: Cyberverse Autobot Ratchet Reviewed

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AUTOBOT RATCHET may come off as gruff and impatient, but when it comes down to it, there’s no one who cares more for the AUTOBOTS on Earth than their talented medic and mechanic. Today's review brings you a look at Legion Class Autobot Ratchet!

Sponsor News: BBTS Transformers, Diamond, Rocky III and More

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Hi - Here is an update about more cool new stuff just listed:

Arms Micron - Thundercracker & Orion Pax Exclusives. Please Note - the $64.99 price is not final and will likely be reduced once further details are known.

NECA Rocky III figures with Clubber Lang

Aoshima Airwolf 1:18

Puppet Master 1:1 Replicas

Toy Review: Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Mirage Reviewed

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With his incredible talent for stealth, MIRAGE would be the ultimate spy. But he’d much rather be in the thick of a fight, moving silent and invisible through a melee to strike where the enemy is weakest. This morning's review brings you a look at Cyberverse Mirage!

Transformers News: High Moon Studios' Peter Della Penna interviewed by NC Times

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It's no secret the video game industry is in need of a boost. Sales are down and new consoles are on the horizon, but have not yet been released. Not everyone is worried however. High Moon studios president Peter Della Penna was recently interviewed by the NC Times and had this to say:

"This is a natural cycle. Whenever you go through that transition, the industry tends to get tough. You weather that storm and look forward to the growth years ahead."

Rumor Mill: Michael Bay onboard for not just Transformers 4 but 5 too?!

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According to, Michael Bay may not just be directing "Transformers 4", but he might be involved in a fifth film about our favorite robots in disguise as well! According to the article: "If Spielberg is talking about it shooting right after part four, it's likely that both he and Bay will be involved in some capacity, as it could be a little awkward to bring in another director when you're shooting sequels back-to-back.".

Nostalgia Post: One of the first "Transformers" commercials

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Over twenty years ago, the commercial below aired and the adventures of the Transformers would change the entertainment and toy world forever. Take a look for some early character models of Megatron and a very different look for the Ark and Nemesis! Credit goes to the Youtube channel of Evil King Macrocranios.

Toy Reviews: Bot Shots Ironhide & Powerglide Reviewed

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One is a rough and tough Autobot and the other is a flier whose ego is as big as the sky. Together these guys will bolster your Bot Shots army! This morning's reviews bring you a look at Bot Shots Ironhide and Powerglide!