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Toy Review: "Transformers Universe" King Atlas

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Joining Optimus Primal in his battle against the Hordes of Unicron, King Atlas takes his role as one of the Children of Primus very seriously as he carpet bombs his enemies! Today's "retro" review takes a look at the mighty Autobot known as King Atlas!

Toy Review: "Beast Hunters" Soundwave with Ravage

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Some mistake his silence for apathy, but those who make that mistake soon find out behind Soundwave is a powerful mind and warrior! Soundwave returns as part of the first wave of "Beast Hunters" figures, check out my review!

Sponsor News: BBTS Iron Man 3, Transformers, TMNT, DC, Kotobukiya, Star Wars, MLP and More!

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We have just listed Hasbro's entire line of "Iron Man 3" items. These include Figures like the Assemblers, Arc Strike Figures, EC 12" Figures, Micro Muggs, Sonic Blasting Iron Man, Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends Series 01 and more. Vehicles include the first wave of transforming Battle Chargers as well as the Assemblers Battle Vehicle and others. Finally, new Role Play items include Wrist Armor, a Repulsor, Glow In The Dark Masks, a Gauntlet, a Mission Mask and others. Be sure to check out all of these new listings at the link - images and more coming soon.

This Case includes two each of Starscream, Bulkhead, Ripclaw and Smokescreen and is priced at $114.99; you can also opt for one of each in the Set of 4 at $59.99. Finally, each figure (except Smokescreen, who is currently sold out) is also available singly at $15.99 - $19.99 each.

This second Case assortment contains one each of Ratbat & Frenzy and Rumble & Ravage, and three each of Eject & Ramhorn and Rewind & Sunder, and is listed at $79.99. We also have Eject & Ramhorn and Rewind & Sunder listed as a Set of 2, which is priced at $21.99, and each two-pack is available singly at $11.99 each.

Two new listings from Takara has been announced. TG19 is a metallic version of Grimlock from Fall of Cybertron and is listed at $62.99, and TG20 is Ratbat done in a metallic maroon color, which is listed at $36.99.

Comic Book Review: "More than Meets the Eye" #10

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As Prowl and Chromedome continue their investigation, they learn that the conspiracy they began to find is bigger than they imagined! Today's "catch up comic book" review covers "More than Meets the Eye" #10!

Toy News: "Mini-Mates" Battle Beasts arrive in stores today!

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The new "Battle Beast" line launches today! Different than the line being put out in Japan, this line has its own storyline from IDW. These little guys have a shared history with the Transformers and were originally part of the Transformers canon in Generation One. Now they're striking out in an all new storyline with cool little figures! Click on the image below to check out images on the official "Battle Beasts" Facebook page.

Battle Beasts

Toy Review: Transformers Prime Thundertron

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With his homeworld of Cybertron destroyed, Thundertron struck out on his own to make those responsible pay: the Autobots and the Decepticons! Leading the Star Seekers, this powerful warrior is a force to be reckoned with. This morning's review brings you a look at Thundertron!

Toy News: Commander Class Hardshell revealed!

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One of the characters absent from previous waves of "Transformers Prime" toys is Hardshell, the powerful Insecticon warrior. Coming in March, fans can finally get a Commander Class version of the Insecticon! The official Transformers Facebook page has revealed images of this figure, follow the thumbnail link below to see larger sized images!

Comic Books: "Spotlight Thundercracker" Reviewed

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As he works with Bludgeon's crew to locate the legendary titan Metroplex, Thundercracker begins to question the methods of the Decepticons and his own mission! Today's comic book review brings you a look at "Spotlight Thundercracker"!

Toy Reviews: KRE-O Microchangers Crankstart & Scorponok

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One is a paranoid Decepticon who's convinced someone is out to get him, the other is a power hungry despot. Together they make quite a pair of KREONs! Today's reviews bring you a look at Crankstart and Scorponok.

Sponsor News: BBTS New Takara Transformers, New Toyworld Hardbone & Aurora & More

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Hi - A few more cool new items just listed!

ToyWorld - TF-H01 - Hardbone transforming figure

Takara Fall of Cybertron - TG-19 Grimlock

Takara TG20 - Ratbat - Fall of Cybertron

ToyWorld TW-T02 Aurora - Gestalt Part 2

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