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Toy Review: "Beast Hunters" Sharkticon Megatron

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After a tremendous defeat, everyone knew they had not seen the last of the evil Decepticon leader Megatron! When Megatron returned, it was resurrected in a new body fusing the beast like power of a Sharkticon with his own. Armed with the powerful Tartarex Sword, he is now near unstoppable! Today's review brings you a look at Sharkticon Megatron.

TV Show News: "Transformers Prime" Robert Orci talks about the next "Transformers" series

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"Transformers Prime" producer and writer from the live action movie series sat down with IGN to discuss the next series following "Transformers Prime". Among the more interesting quotes are about the continuity. Says Orci: "I’d love to have as much continuity as possible, and that’s part of what’s been fun about being a part of the Transformers universe since we jumped on the movies."

Toy Review: "Transformers Prime" Voyager Class Skyquake

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Skyquake was buried on Earth long ago and emerged to find two of his greatest enemies facing him! Feeling loyalty to Megatron and the Decepticon cause, he knew his duty was to destroy the Autobots by any means necessary! Today's review brings you a look at Voyager Class Skyquake.

Toy Review: "Transformers Collector's Club" Exclusive Slipstream

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Her origins are a thing of mystery. Some say she was an experiment in the Seeker armies, others even say she may be a clone of Starscream himself! Regardless, they know not to cross Slipstream who is just as likely to make a sarcastic quip as she blasts you to pieces! Today BWTF takes a look at Slipstream.

Toy Review: Generations Megatron with Chop Shop

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Megatron was once a common worker who toiled in the mines of Cybertron. When he saw the inequity in Cybertron's culture, he began to build a resistance, testing his mettle in the pits of Kaon. As he cultivated an army, one of the disaffected Transformers to join him was Chop Shop, a thief who thoroughly enjoys taking what's not his! This morning's review brings you a look at the unlikely pair of Megatron and Chop Shop.

Toy Review: Botcon 2013 "Machine Wars" Skywarp

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Skywarp may be the leader of the Seekers in the "Machine Wars", but most Decepticons have no clue why. A lot of the time he leaves the work to others as he teleports away to parts unknown. Don't be fooled however, Skywarp is a brutal warrior perfectly capable of destruction! Check out my review of Botcon 2013 Skywarp!

Toy News: "Transformers Collector's Club" Slipstream arrives!

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I just received my "Transformers Collector's Club" subscription figure Slipstream! This figure is a redeco of "Transformers Prime" Deluxe Starscream. Look for a review soon! You can check out a pic on my Facebook page.

News Roundup: Will Friedle talks "Transformers Prime", "Transformers 4" production rolls forward and Harmony Gold sues Hasbro

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Actor Will Friedle talked about his work including his brief stint on "Transformers Prime" with Entertainment Weekly - Via Entertainment Weekly

Downtown Detroit is preparing for some "Transformers 4" action - via Deadline Detroit

Sponsor News: BBTS Star Wars Black, SDCC Exclusives, Enterbay, Transformers, Play Arts Kai, Star Trek and More!

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Star Wars Black Series 2 figures have just been listed. The 6" figures include Slave Leia, Boba Fett, Ep IV Han Solo and Ep IV Greedo. These can be purchased either individually or as a case. The 3.75" figures include Pablo-Jill, Luminara Unduli and Ep III Clone Trooper(41st) among others.

The Power Rangers Samurai Metallic 5-Pack is now up for pre-order and is listed at $224.99. Among the other Bandai items listed are the MMPR Stand Three Pack, the DBZ Ultimate Spark Shodo Three Pack, Gundam Assault Kingdom EX1 Kshatrya and Naruto Shippuden Half Age Characters Naruto & Sasuke "Dattebayo".

The SDCC Piccolo has just been listed at $59.99. This release of Piccolo features the same high end articulation, sculpt, and features that characterize the S.H. Figuarts line. Three different heads, interchangeable handsets, and a removable cape are included. Quantities will be limited, so don’t miss your opportunity to snag what will soon become an incredibly elusive figure in the DBZ Figuarts line.

Toy Review: Beast Hunters Legion Class Windrazor

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Windrazor is a cruel instrument of destruction that only cares about destroying Autobots and their allies. Whether it's using his beak and claws in beast mode or his powerful Tornado Bow, the method doesn't matter, only the results! Today's review takes a look at Windrazor!