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Toy Review: Generations Voyager Class Soundwave and Laserbeak

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Soundwave is one of the most powerful weapons at the disposal of the Decepticon army. Not only is he an accomplished spymaster, but he is also a brutal warrior and cunning. Based on his appearance in "Fall of Cybertron", Soundwave has been upgraded to Voyager Class! Check out my review of Soundwave with Laserbeak!

Sponsor News: TF Source - The TFSource Holiday Sale Continues! Over 100 items up to 75% off!

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Toy Reviews: Transformers Car Robots Reviews restored!

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After a long absence, the toy reviews for the Japanese "Car Robots" toy line has been restored! Unfortunately many images were lost when BWTF moved servers so I will have to take new pictures over time in the future. For some new photography, check out the Spychangers review for updated photography and scans!

Sponsor News: BBTS TF Blaster/Grimlock, MP-14, NECA Aliens, Dead Space, Diamond, BTTF, TMNT, Sucker Punch & More!

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This highly anticipated wave is finally up for pre-order. We have the Case of 4, which includes three Grimlock and one Blaster, priced at $89.99; we also have the set of Grimlock & Blaster at $53.99, and singles of Grimlock at $23.99 each.

NECA has announced a new series of 7" figures from the movie "Aliens". The first Case assortment includes four each of Hicks and Hudson and six of the Aliens Warrior and is listed at $219.99, saving you $79 off the MSRP. We also have them listed as a Set of three for $52.99, $11 off the MSRP; singles are available of the Aliens Warrior, priced at $19.99 each.

Kotobukiya is releasing a new statue of Isaac Clarke. This figure shows him holding his Plasma Cutter, stands about 12.5" tall and is listed at $119.99, saving you $20 off of the MSRP.

Toy Review: Transformers Prime Decepticon Rumble

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Rumble loves causing chaos, and his piledriver weapons give him the power to do it wherever he goes! Today's review brings you a look at the elusive "Transformers Prime" Decepticon Rumble.

Comic Book News: IDW March 2013 "Transformers" Solicitations

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IDW Publishing has released its solicitations for March 2013. The "Transformers" titles listed are:

Regeneration One Issue 89 Spotlight Bumblebee Cover A Spotlight Bumblebee Cover B Spotlight Bumblebee Cover RI
Fall of Cybertron One Shot Fall of Cybertron One Shot More than Meets the Eye Robots in Disguise

Toy Review: Dark Energon Knock Out

in Bigbadtoystore, Dark Energon, Decepticon, Deluxe, Generation One, News, Prime

He's the go to Transformer when Decepticons need repairs or weapons upgrade. Armed with skills and a cruel sense of humor, Knock Out is a force to be reckoned with! Today's review brings you a look at Dark Energon Knock Out.

Transformers News Roundup - First Edition Voyagers, "Transformers 4" script leaked? and movie casting!

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For those who missed them before, "Transformers Prime" First Edition Bulkhead and Optimus Prime are up for order online! via Toys R Us

"Transformers" director Michael Bay has denied that the "leaked script" for "Transformers 4" (which included Unicron) is real - via Entertainment Weekly

The "Transformers Legends" Mobile Collector Card Game is now live for Android (with iPhone to come), Kotaku takes a look - via Kotaku

Actor Mark Wahlberg, due to star in "Transformers 4" discussed his role with Yahoo! Movies - via Yahoo! Movies

Michael Bay has cast his "young leads" for "Transformers 4", replacing Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington who are not returning - via Vibe

Toy Review: Transformers Prime Dark Energon Bumblebee

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Part of the Autobot force assigned to dealing with the Dark Energon menace is Bumblebee! Today's review brings you a look at Dark Energon Bumblebee!