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Comic Books: "Autocracy" #12 reviewed

in Digital Exclusive, Generation One, News

The Autobots have converged on Iacon, intent on taking their city back. Megatron doesn't just have his Decepticon army however, he has a secret weapon no one is expecting! BWTF reviews the final chapter of "Autocracy"!

Toy Reviews: Beast Wars Retrax and Sky Shadow reviews restored

in Beast Wars, Deluxe, News, Predacon

The restoration of my "Beast Wars" toy reviews continues! Next up are two reviews for Deluxe Class figures from the line. First up is Retrax, a creepy Predacon who transforms into a pillbug. The second is Sky Shadow, a Fuzor with the combined features of a dragonfly and lizard!

Toy Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

in Heroes, Jumpstarter, Marvel, News, Spider-Man

What’s more powerful and unpredictable than the web-slinging enemy of evildoers everywhere? It’s the Flip and Attack Spider Racer! One minute it’s a speedy vehicle for the forces of good, and the next minute it converts to a powerful armored attack bot! Today's review brings you a look at the Amazing Spider-Man Racer!

Toy Review: Universal Studios Exclusive Deluxe Evac

in Autobot, Dark of the Moon, Deluxe, Movie (2007), News, Universal Studios

When you visit "Transformers: The Ride", you team up with the super fast and brave Evac! This figure is only available at Universal Studios in Hollywood, but fear not! BWTF brings you a full review with photos of this new addition to the live action "Transformers" movie universe!

Toy Reviews: Beast Wars Icebird and Stinkbomb reviews restored

in Beast Wars, News

Two unique Transformer reviews have been restored to BWTF! The first is Icebird, fierce leader of the "Mutants", a sub-group of Transformers who transform from one beast to another! Then check out Transmetal 2 Stinkbomb, a skunk who knows how to psyche his enemies out!

Toy Review: Cyberverse Legion Class Evac

in Autobot, Cyberverse, Dark of the Moon, Legion Class, Movie (2007), News

Blistering speed and lightning-fast reflexes make EVAC more than an effective courier – they make him a frighteningly powerful warrior. His speed often catches DECEPTICONS by surprise, allowing him to strike and move before they can return fire. Check out my review for this cool new figure!

Toy Review: Legion Class Soundwave redeco

in Cyberverse, Dark of the Moon, Decepticon, Legion Class, News, Revenge of the Fallen

SOUNDWAVE enjoys it on the ground where he can immerse himself in the ever-present flood of information. Cruising the highways, he has access to the personal data of millions, and that gives him all the power he needs! Today's review brings you a look at this homage themed redeco of Legion Class Soundwave!

Video Game News: "Fall of Cybertron" Gameplay Trailer

in News

The folks at The Official Fall of Cybertron site have posted an exciting gameplay video from the upcoming Transformers game!

Toy Review: Transformers United Bumblebee

in Autobot, Classics / Universe 2.0, Deluxe, News, United

Bumblebee has been a beloved part of the Transformers franchise for years. In 2003 he received a new sculpt for the first time in years, and since then the sculpt has been reused many times. In 2010 this sculpt was given a new deco as part of Japan's "Transformers United" toy line. I managed to get my hands on this figure at Botcon 2012 and now you can read my review!

Comic Books: "Autocracy" #11 reviewed

in Digital Exclusive, Generation One, News

Orion Pax has fallen, Optimus Prime has risen and guided by the power and wisdom of the Matrix, he calls upon the Autobots to rise up against the Decepticons! Today's comic book review brings you a look at "Autocracy" #11!