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Event: New York Comic Con 2012 Hasbro Panel Album

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On the first day of New York Comic-Con Hasbro held a panel revealing a ton of new products fans can expect in 2013. I'm working on a write up but in the meantime check out BWTF's photos (courtesy of fellow fan Steven Kushnir) on BWTF's Facebook page.

Events: New York City Comic-Con Preview Party 2012

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In lieu of having a big booth at NYCC 2012, Hasbro decided to throw their own party complete with cocktails, food! Yes, that's right! Check out my coverage of this event including a chat with Hasbro's Transformers team members and pictures of Predaking! Follow this link to read my coverage of this awesome event!

Toy Review: Transformers Prime Legion Class Breakdown

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BREAKDOWN is more than happy to take any mission MEGATRON assigns him – especially if it means a chance to take on BULKHEAD. Today's review brings you a look at Legion Class Breakdown!

Sponsor News: BBTS TF Prime - First Edition - Preorders Open

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Hi - We are happy to announce that the BBTS Shared Exclusive - Transformers Prime - First Edition figures are now available for preorder.

The Deluxe set of 4 contains Vehicon, Starscream, Terrorcon Cliffjumper, and Arcee - and is priced at $59.99

The Voyager set of 2 contains Optimus and Bulkhead - and is priced at $49.99

The Entertainment 2-Pack features Optimus & Megatron and is priced at $39.99

Toy Review: Bot Shots Megatron (Truck) Reviewed

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Roaring into battle in his truck mode, Bot Shots Megatron is not afraid of any opponent! With his power, he is ready to take on any challenger! Today's review looks at the regular version of the Bot Shots Megatron truck!

Toy Review: Timelines Botcon 2012 Exclusive Spinister Reviewed

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Mysterious and extremely guarded about his past, Spinister serves the Decepticons under the command of Gigatron for purposes unknown to everyone except himself! Today BWTF takes a look at Botcon 2012 Spinister!

Sponsor News: BBTS - HUGE UPDATE! Fortress Maximus Encore Edition and more!

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Encore #23 Fortress Maximus - $349.99 (April Release) or $399.99 for the early air shipment (March Release)

Takara MP-15 Masterpiece Ravage & Rumble - $59.99

Takara Generations - Fall of Cybertron:
Ultra Magnus

Takara Prime
Darkest Megatron
Jet Vehicon General

Toy Review: Super Bot Optimus Prime Reviewed

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Upgrading to a powerful Super Bot, Optimus Prime is now ready to take on any opponent as he crashes his way to victory! Today's review brings you a quick look at Super Bot Optimus Prime!

Toy Review: Transformers United Stepper with Nebulon Reviewed

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Fellow Autobot warriors find it difficult to maintain friendly conversations with this quick-tempered, easily provoked Autobot, but Ricochet has an uncommonly strong sense of justice. This awesome Autobot has been updated for a new age as part of the Transformers United line, check out my review of Transformers United Stepper!

Toy Review: Arms Micron Cliffjumper with C.L. Reviewed

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Cliffjumper is the most hot-blooded of the Autobots. His ion cannon weapons are said to be a match even for Megatron's firepower. He also has the skills to overwhelm Decepticons not only with weapons, but with bare-handed martial arts as well. Today BWTF takes a look at the Japanese release of this cool character with a look at Arms Micron Cliffjumper with C.L.!