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"Tranfsormers Prime" Cyberverse Starscream reviewed

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Treacherous and scheming, Starscream may be a Decepticon but he's really on only one person's side: his own! Now Starscream has joined the "Commander Class" of Cyberverse figures so you can battle on an all new scale! Start off your day with my review of Commander Class Starscream.

Transformers News Round Up: New Masterpiece Transformers announced, Cybertron Con 2012 hits Asia and a Gameboy Transformer?!

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Masterpiece 11 has been announced as Sunstorm, a redeco of Starscream via Amazon Japan

IDW Publishing: "More than Meets the Eye" #3 Advance Comic Book Review

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The Lost Light has been repaired and is moving again - but the crew isn't alone! A dangerous threat lurks onboard the ship even as Whirl's insanity continues and Tailgate considers his place in the modern era of Transformers. Will everyone survive? And what was the secret of the Duobots? Find out in my review!

IDW Publishing "Autocracy" #5 Reviewed

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Orion Pax and his team are in pursuit of the rebel known as Hot Rod. What he and the Autobots learn will change them forever! Start your day off with my advance review of "Autocracy" #5!

Transformers Prime Legion Class Bumblebee Reviewed

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Bumblebee is one of the most skilled Autobots in Optimus Prime's forces. An effective scout and warrior, Bumblebee can be counted on in a variety of missions. Now you can control Bumblebee anywhere you go with the Legion Class version of the character! Check out my review of Cyberverse Bumblebee!

Transformers News Round Up: "Transformers Prime" Happy Meal Toys, The Hub renews "Transformers Prime" & "Rescue Bots" and more!

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McDonalds begins selling "Transformers Prime" toys with Happy Meals this Friday via Happy

Current "Transformers" series "Rescue Bots" and "Transformers Prime" have both been renewed through 2013! via Toon Zone

Hasbro lays off 55 employees in Rhode Island. via WPRI

Transformers Prime Voyager Class Megatron reviewed

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The Transformer known as Megatron was born in the gladitorial pits of Kaon. As the ages went along he went from warrior to a leader of a revolution on Cybertron. Now the Decepticon leader has come to Earth to continue his path of universal domination! Check out my review of Voyager Class Megatron from Transformers Prime!

"Autocracy" #4 Digital Exclusive review

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Orion Pax is deep in the Decepticon lair where Megatron is not looking to destroy him, but to recruit him! Meanwhile, Zeta Prime's machinations continue in "Autocracy" #4.

Transformers Speed Stars Gallery Opened

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Going through a pile of figures buried in my closet I dug out a bunch of the carded Speed Stars vehicles I've been hunting over the last half year. I've photographed most of them in package and put them into a new Speed Stars gallery, check it out!

Dark of the Moon "Dinobot" Mini-Con Team Reviewed

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When the Autobots need to bring in some muscle, they call upon a team of beast based Transformers inspired by the Generation One Dinobots team. Check out my review of this limited exclusive set of Catilla, Dualor, Rav and Triceradon!