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Toy Review: Rescue Bots Hoist the Tow-Bot

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This brave HOIST THE TOW-BOT figure is just the hero you need for your RESCUE BOTS adventures! He easily converts from robot mode to vehicle mode and back again. When the mission calls for a rescue, convert him to tow truck mode. But when the rescue mission gets dangerous, push the tow hook up to convert him back to robot mode! Today's review brings you a look at Hoist the Tow-Bot!

Toy Reviews: Generation 2 and Generations Voyager Class Powerdive

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You read that right, fellow fans! Today's review is a double header. I figured if I'm reviewing the current "Generations" Powerdive figure, why not his Generation 2 counter part as well? So first check out my review of Generation 2 Powerdive then head over to his Generations homage figure the Voyager Class Powerdive!

Entertainment News: Mark Wahlberg officially cast in "Transformers 4"!

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After the rumor mill churned (and dismissed) the casting of Mark Wahlberg (Boogie Nights, Italian Job, Three Kings) Michael Bay's official web site has confirmed the actor has been cast in "Transformers 4". From the article:

"After an exceptionally successful collaboration on the upcoming “Pain and Gain,” Michael Bay has cast Academy Award®-nominee Mark Wahlberg in the highly anticipated “TRANSFORMERS 4.” The film will hit theaters June 27th, 2014."

Toy Review: Masterpiece Convoy review (circa 2003) restored

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After a long absence, I have restored the "Masterpiece" section of the toy reviews area on the site. Along with an index I have also restored MP-1 Convoy's review and translations. Enjoy!

Sponsor News: TF Source Weekly Newsletter

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TFsource - Your Source for 1000's of Transformers! Why go to the Store when you can go to the Source!

Greetings SourceFans!

Great news - our shipment of PE-12 - Perfect Effect - AFX Assault Force X - Camera Set will include the bonus mini-camera and will be shipping out this week as well as DOTM - APS-01 - Striker Optimus Prime - Limited Edition Asia Exclusive. Both MP-12 Masterpiece Sideswipe/Lambor and Toyworld Grind Rod are instock, so if you didn't preorder, make sure to order today! We've also received a restock of Hasbro Transformers Prime - First Edition and many other Prime figures. Click here to see all of the Transformers Prime goodness! We have a new Source Review, and Source Article on our blog, make sure to check it out! All this and more.. in this week's SourceNews!

Toy Review: Rescue Bots Medix the Doc-Bot

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When the mission calls for a rescue, pull him apart to convert him to ambulance mode. But when the rescue mission gets dangerous, push the siren to convert him back to robot mode! Today's review brings you a look at Medix the Doc-Bot!

Comic Books: "Regeneration One" #85 Reviewed

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The Autobots have touched down on Earth and Optimus Prime has his final confrontation with Megatron, but could it mean the end for everyone?! Check out my advance review of "Regeneration One" #85!

Comic Books: "Regeneration One" #84 Reviewed

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The Autobots on Earth execute a desperate plan to stop Megatron's mad scheme. Meanwhile on Cybertron, Hot Rod has disturbing visions as the Decepticons seek out a source of great power! All this and more in BWTF's review of "Regneration One" Issue 84!

Toy Review: Generations "GDO" Toys R Us Exclusive Laserbeak

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Laserbeak isn't the bravest Decepticon among Megatron's warriors, but he is a capable spy and when called upon, he can create havoc! Among the new wave of Toys R Us exclusives is a new incarnation of the G1 Decepticon. Check out my review of the "Toys R Us" exclusive Laserbeak!

Toy Review: "Transformers Prime" Weaponizer Bumblebee

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BUMBLEBEE is one of the smartest fighters the AUTOBOTS have, and he's made a career out of taking out opponents far larger than himself. He's perfected the art of the surprise attack, and installed several powerful weapons designed just to catch his enemies unaware. Check out my first post-hurricane review: Weaponizer Bumblebee!