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Sponsor News: BBTS Steve Jobs Statue, Alternity, Bossk & More

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Hi - more cool new items to mention today:

Steve Jobs 10" Statue with $40 Make-A-Wish Donation:
Syco Collectibles and BBTS will each donate $20 per statue sold at retail - check out this cool statue of the icon:

Alternity Exclusive Galvatron and Bludgeon:
These Japanese store exclusives will only be available for preorder for a short time, get your orders in ASAP - $134.99 each:

Sideshow 12" Bossk

Toy Reviews: Bot Shots Megatron with Launcher

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No Decepticon force is complete without their legendary leader Megatron - even if they are cute little super deformed Bot Shots style figures! Check out my review of Bot Shots Megatron with trailer/launcher!

Toy Reviews: Beast Wars Iguanus and Manterror reviews restored

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Two more Beast Wars Transformers reviews have been restored! Today the Predacons get more attention with the restoration of reviews (with new photos) for Iguanus and Manterror.

Comic Books: "More than Meets the Eye" #6 Reviewed

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Safely back on the Lost Light the Autobots are trying to enjoy themselves, but soon they discover that Fortress Maximus may not be fully recovered from his time on Garrus 9! Today BWTF brings you a review of "More than meets the Eye" #6.

Sponsor News: BBTS Medicom Batman Hush RAH, Bandai Perfect Cell

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Medicom RAH - Batman and Joker Hush figures - $179.99 each ($20 off MSRP)

Dragonball Kai - Figuarts Perfect Cell - Tamashii Web Exclusive - $59.99

Doctor Who - Fifth Doctor Castrovala Set

Sideshow Premium Format Hawkeye


Toy Reviews: Beast Wars Polar Claw review restored

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Waking up in a frozen part of ancient Earth, Polar Claw awoke from his Protoform state to find himself with a new bio-mechanical alternate form: a gigantic polar bear! BWTF as restored the original Polar Claw review. Check it out!

Toy Review: The Amazing Spider-Man Cyber Lizard

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What’s more powerful and unpredictable than the web-slinging hero’s arch-nemesis? It’s the Flip and Attack Cyber Lizard! One minute it’s a speedy vehicle for the forces of evil, and the next minute it converts to a powerful armored attack bot! Check out my review of Cyber Lizard!

Toy Reviews: Beast Wars Night Glider & Snapper reviews restored

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Two basic class Beast Wars toy reviews have been re-added to the site! The first is Transmetal 2 Night Glider and the other is a more "basic" figure in the form of Snapper!

Comic Books: "Autocracy" #12 reviewed

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The Autobots have converged on Iacon, intent on taking their city back. Megatron doesn't just have his Decepticon army however, he has a secret weapon no one is expecting! BWTF reviews the final chapter of "Autocracy"!

Toy Reviews: Beast Wars Retrax and Sky Shadow reviews restored

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The restoration of my "Beast Wars" toy reviews continues! Next up are two reviews for Deluxe Class figures from the line. First up is Retrax, a creepy Predacon who transforms into a pillbug. The second is Sky Shadow, a Fuzor with the combined features of a dragonfly and lizard!