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Comic Books: "Robots in Disguise" #7 reviewed

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The Decepticon Turmoil and his crew have arrived on Cybertron requesting to join the new, peaceful society. However, the Autobots suspect there's something more at work! See what happens in my review of "Robots in Disguise" Issue #7.

Toy Reviews: Cyberverse Ultra Magnus

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Ultra Magnus is a legendary warrior who leads one of the most elite fighting forces ever created by the Autobots. Now he's made his debut in the Cyberverse! Check out my review here!

Toy Reviews: Transformers Prime Dead End

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Long exposure to the radiation of Dark Energon has changed DEAD END. The formerly talkative DECEPTICON mercenary now broods quietly in the shadows, staring hungrily at the power cores of his fellow warriors. He’s always freaked out the AUTOBOTS, but now even his friends think he’s scary. Today BWTF brings you a review of this mysterious Decepticon!

Sponsor News: BBTS New Koto, Diamond, Rambo, MOTU & More

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Enterbay Rambo III 1/4 Scale John Rambo - $359.99

New Koto:

New 52 1/10 ArtFX Superman - $35.99

New 51 1/10 ArtFX Green Lantern - $35.99

DC Bishousho - Huntress - $56.99

Star Wars 1/10 Art-FX Emperor's Royal Guard 2-Pack - $56.99

Sponsor News: BBTS G2 Bruticus, NECA Portal, DC & Much More

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We wanted to let you know that BBTS will be carrying this upcoming exclusive. Pre-Orders will open on September 10th, Send a blank email to and we'll send you the preorder link on September 10th about an hour before it is published on our site for the general public!
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Sponsor News: Bigbadtoystore - new listings - Optimus Maximus, KREONs and more!

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Optimus Maximus has just been listed at $39.99

A big round of new KRE-O kits and figures have just been listed. Devastator, blind-bagged KRE-O mini figures, and a variety of other kits can be found here:

A new case of Bot Shots 3-pack figures has been listed here:


Comic Books: "Regeneration One" #81 Reviewed

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Twenty one years after Cybertron was healed from its old wounds, the Transformers struggle to live in peace on their homeworld. Meanwhile, discontent among both Autobots and Decepticons alike threaten the peace! The long awaited "Regeneration One" storyline has begun! Check out my review of "Regeneration One" #81!

Convention News: Full Hasbro San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Listing - Panels, exclusives and more!

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Hasbro, makers of Transformers products has released its full itinerary including autograph signings, panels, toy exclusives and more on their Investor Web Site. They also confirm after the convention a limited number of exclusive figures will be put on sale on Read the release for all the details!

Toy Reviews: Transformers Prime Shadow Strike Bumblebee

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When Bumblebee needs to get around without being detected easily, he uses his chameleon like ability to change the appearance of his armor panels! Once he's near the enemy, he can attack! Today's review brings you a look at Shadow Strike Bumblebee.

Toy Reviews: Bot Shots Autobot Ratchet and Decepticon Brawl reviewed

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One is a titanic force of destruction embodied in a powerful Decepticon, the other is the finest medic Cybertron ever produced. Now both have taken form as Bot Shots in the ultimate Transformers Battle Game! See what these two can bring to your Bot Shots army in my reviews of Decepticon Brawl and Autobot Ratchet!