Transformers Animated Oil Slick Review

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Transformers Animated

General Information:
Release Date: July 2008
Price Point: $10.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: Canister with flip top, Canister with chain weapon


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Vehicle-to-vehicle combat is something all TRANSFORMERS are skilled in, but with OIL SLICK, it’s a particular specialty. He knows more about how to disable and destroy a vehicle than almost anyone else in the galaxy. He knows that if he can break down the robot inside, the vehicle will come screeching to a halt. Canisters attached to his sides dump special chemicals that unlock the deepest fears of any robot exposed to them, while at the same time rotting wheels and burning through axels. Once the vehicle mode is destroyed, OIL SLICK moves in close to finish off with his chain weapon.

Join this mighty DECEPTICON defender in pursuit of the AllSpark! With detachable canisters and a jagged canister “chain” weapon, this fearless OIL SLICK figure is ready for battle. When it’s time to call in the fierce and mighty, convert the robot figure to motorcycle vehicle mode and help the DECEPTICONS win the battle against the AUTOBOT forces!

Figure comes with weapon and detachable canister accessories.

When Hasbro designer Eric Siebenaler was working up concepts for "Animated", one of the designs turned out to be motorcycle/robot Decepticon named Oil Slick.

However, by the time any of the show runners had seen the design, it was too late to work the character into either seasons one or two. It is possible he might appear in some future episode of the program, but there are no plans at this time. The character will however appear in IDW's comic book series,

firmly cementing him as part of the storyline of "Transformers Animated". Despite his not appearing on the television show, Oil Slick did get a deluxe sized figure (yay!).

Vehicle Mode:
Oil Slick's vehicle mode is a four wheeled motorcycle. While most traditional motorcycles have two wheels, the Dodge Tomahawk concept motorcycle did have four wheels, so it is a concept carried over from real life. The rest of his vehicle form however borrows from elements of "Big Dog" type motorcycles, with

handlebars high in the front and a slope that goes down very low to a driver's seat. Mounted on either side in the back are the tops of "saddlebags" with canisters shaped like traditional wooden barrels under them. Two large exhaust pipes extend out the back, emphasizing some of the mean power Oil Slick no doubt possesses.

With all the elements above, it's the details which really show that this vehicle mode was designed by someone who sat down and imagined their fantasy motorcycle. The front wheels are held together by two struts that have armor plates on either side. Each plate has a series of cross hatch patterns are flanked by rows of three spikes on either side. Mounted on the front of the motorcycle is a (presumably fake) ram head, a symbol found sometimes in the Occult (and thus was adopted by many rock bands/heavy metal bands and thus...motorcycle enthusiasts...or so the theory goes). Either way, it's a very cool detail and looks quite threatening. Behind the ram head is a headlight on the right side with horizontal lines etched in, looking like a classic light found on many motorcycles. Th emiddle section includes details such as the gas cap and two dials mounted next to each other. The seat is set at a rather extreme

angle towards the back right on top of the rear wheels (that's got to get hot after a while). Each handlebar curves out to the sides and then back, with brake handles extending outward.

On either side of the vehicle's rear section are the top flaps of what would appear to be saddlebags complete with straps that have locks at the end and spikes on top to complement the ones on the front. The details on the "saddlebag covers" is fantastic, down to bolts on the outer edge. Underneath those are canisters designed to look like old barrels made of wood complete with lines representing where the wood pieces connect and circles on either end holding them together.

Oil Slick is cast in two different types of plastic with four different colors. The regular hard plastic is cast in dark camoflague green, a lighter olive green and black. The softer plastic is used for parts that could cause safety issues such as the ram's horns and the handlebars and that is a light tea green color. Smaller parts such as the wheels and the canisters are cast in black. His paint decos are done in black, light tea green and metallic green.

Black is used for an assortment of paint applications including a wing like design on either side of the vehicle and the handlebars. The light tea green is

used on the edges of the canisters, giving them the same color combination as the handlebars and ram head. The metallic green is used on the cross hatch patterns on the front and back of the vehicle as well as the tailpipes. A brighter, pear color appears on his dials and the headlight. This combination of colors may sound rather repetitive but visually all these colors work very well and contrast against each other more than you might expect.

Oil Slick's vehicle mode is one of my favorites in the "Animated" line thus far. He's unique and doesn't rely on any G1 stylings.

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Detach the canisters.
  2. Swing the saddlebag panels down.
  3. Split the rear section of the vehicle.
  4. Pull each half of the rear section back.
  5. Swing the exhaust pipes forward.
  6. Swing the ram head out to the left side.
  7. Split the front of the vehicle and swing each robot arm out.
  8. Swing out the fingers on the inside of each front wheel.
  9. Flip out the back panel and swing up the robot head. Swing the back panel back up.
  10. Take the canister with the notch in the back and split it in half to reveal the chain weapon.
  11. The canisters can both be connected to his hands via the holes in his palms.

Robot Mode:
Just as his vehicle mode is rather unique amont Transformers and the cast of "Animated", Oil Slick's robot mode is also rather unique. While his vehicle mode is rather thick in places and evokes a feeling of raw power, his robot mode is somewhat thin and lanky in places and many of his design elements suggest a very agile and fast warrior. This duality adds to the unique nature of this character.

Many aspects of Oil Slick's design are thin including his upper arms, his waist/hip section and most of his legs (up until about the ankles). Even the larger parts are very sleek looking such as his lower arms which are wide, but thin and his fingers which are long, but angled and sharp looking. His upper body is wide (thanks in part to the ram head on his shoulder) but then narrows severely in the middle of the body before expanding back outwards at the ankles, giving a very dynamic look to the figure. Then there's his rather unique head design. His head looks almost human, with a huge nose and bolts seemingly stuck in his helmet section. On top of his head is a plastic dome, giving him a resemblance to Batman's villain Mr. Freeze. I find it neat how his headlight winds up on his right shoulder, giving him a built in light for situations where he may be in the dark. His ankle area also looks cool with the spikes from the saddlebags on one side and tech details on the other, offering an interesting contrast on the design influences behind Oil Slick.

Many of the robot bits were visible in vehicle mode, but a few new ones feature the same color palette from the vehicle mode. The main body is light olive green while the upper legs are a light green color. The three fingers at the end of his hand are made of the same light tea green color as his handlebars in vehicle mode. The thumb on each hand is a green that matches the main body. The dome over his head is translucent green plastic while the head inside is cast in black (along with the area around his unseen neck). Paint details are done in the same colors as the vehicle mode. A black Decepticon symbol appears in the center of his chest while underneath that is a stylized skull like symbol with wings extending out the sides at upward angles. Metallic green is seen more on the inner ankles/legs as well. The color combination works well in this form since there are no jarring color choices. He looks like a good, natural transition from one mode to the next.

Oil Slick has nineteen points of articulation in this form including six points on each arm. Because of the way his transformation works, his lower arm can turn in and his fingers can be manipulated into different poses, something uncommon in Transformers. His robot head can turn as well, which was unexpected since I thought the dome over his head would limit such mobility. I didn't count it, but to a limited degree you can move his head forward and back due to the way he transforms.

Oil Slick has two weapons. One is a canister with a flip top lid. There's nothing inside, but I can imagine buying some slime from some other toy and cramming it in there or just plain water to simulate his chemical concoctions. The other weapon is a bit more threatening looking: a chain with barbed ends, the "barbs" being the bolts/screws on the ends of the "barrels". In the original promotional images for Oil Slick, this chain appeared metal, but it was replaced in production with a cheaper plastic one. While it swings around fine and holds together great, I would recommend against pulling it too hard as it feels like it could break easily.

Final Thoughts:
Oil Slick stands out as one of the few unique characters in "Animated" who does not use any stylings or design elements of previous Transformers. So not only is he an original design, but he's also a cool original design with a lot of character. Highly recommended!