"Age of Extinction" Power Attacker Optimus Prime Toy Review

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Age of Extinction

Optimus Prime General Information:
Release Date: 2014
Price Point: $9.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, K-Mart, Target etc.)
Accessories: None


*Images with asterisks (*) and text below from Amazon.com:
Gear up for power-punching action with the Power Attackers! This mighty Optimus Prime Power Attacker figure converts from robot mode to truck mode, just like Optimus Prime always has. But when he's in robot mode, his arm snaps out in a blade strike that will knock any Decepticon on his tailpipe! When he needs to chase down his Decepticon foes, he converts in 8 easy steps to semi truck mode! Convert, strike and pound with your Optimus Prime Power Attacker! Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

The Power Attacker line offers a good middle ground between the very simple "One Step Changers" such as Grimlock and the larger, more complex "Generations" style figures such as Dinobot Slash. They offer multi-step transformations with the feature of the figure being some type of action feature. One of the later waves of Power Attackers in 2014 was Optimus Prime.

Robot Mode:
Optimus Prime's "Age of Extinction" body is not as thick and bulky as some of his previous incarnations. You'll find an extensive set of thoughts on this design from me in my "First Edition" Optimus Prime and Leader Class Optimus Prime reviews. For the most part, this sculpt replicates a lot of the key design elements from the film. This includes the curved "collar" and "vest" shapes on his torso, the rounded shape of his arms and even the "toes" on his feet. Some of the illusion of the robot mode is broken by the very obvious truck windshield sections on his lower legs and wheels on his forearms. The sculpt looks good though, with a good amount of layered detail that is present in so many of the live action movie Transformers designs.

Optimus is cast in silver, blue and black plastic. Silver is used on a bulk of the figure including the torso, thighs, forearms and parts of the lower legs. Blue is found on the head, upper arms and parts of the legs. Black is found on smaller parts like the wheels on his forearms. Paint colors help fill in some details. Much of the deco is red paint which you'l find on the chest, forearms and legs. Blue is found on the "loincloth" armor piece. His mouthplate is painted silver with light blue eyes. Overall, it's not a bad deco and for a "simpler" figure I was actually surprised how much paint was used on this figure.

There's no real articulation to speak of on this figure. He's pretty much stuck in a wide stance with his arms out like a gunslinger. The "Power Attacker" feature comes into play with his action feature. If you press his legs together, his arms swing back and a second set of arms swing forward complete with a sword attached to it. The second pair of arms is smaller than the "main" set so it looks a little weird, but it does have a sword attached to them! They're not two separate arms, they're connected in the center via the sword. Essentially this action creates an overhead strike. It's a neat effect and I dig the idea of "swapping out" arms to create the action. Frankly it wouldn't have been possible otherwise using the main pair of arms. Like so many of these simpler Transformers, this is the "make or break" feature. If you want a well articulated figure that you can attach weapons to - this isn't for you. If you want a figure that looks good and has a unique action figure, then this fits the bill. In addition to the sword feature, the bottom of the right foot has a metal circle on it that activates features in larger toys like "Stomp & Chomp" Grimlock.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the robot arms up.
  2. Rotate the forearms around and connect them together.
  3. Swing the heel pieces forward.
  4. Swing the panels on the lower legs forward, covering the lower legs.
  5. Swing the lower legs up and together.
  6. Swing the grille piece up.

Vehicle Mode:
Optimus Prime's new vehicle mode is a Western Star truck. Much like his previous Peterbilt form, he is a tractor trailer cab - but this time a much more sleek and rounded looking one. The front end has a huge grille with a curve that leads to a nose that sweeps back at an upward angle. This curved sweep continues up to the middle section where smokestacks flare out to the sides at angles. It's a really dynamic and futuristic looking shape. Running along the sides are spare tanks and the back section has two wheels on each side.

This version of Optimus represents the vehicle nicely, though the design of the rear section shows some compromises. The robot arms are clearly visible on the back. The rest of the vehicle is pretty accurate to the real life vehicle prop however, down to the tiny Autobot symbol on the top of the grille section. The vehicle mostly shows off blue plastic with some silver in the front and back. Red is the primary paint color which is used to paint the flame pattern on the front and sides. A bit of silver is used on the top row of lights above the windshield. I do wish some more silver had been applied to the sides of the vehicle. Not only is it more accurate to the real life vehicle but it would break up the monotony of the blue color on the sides.

Optimus rolls on six wheels which is kind of neat. For a simpler figure I would've expected at least two of the wheels to be "fake" ones that don't spin.

Final Thoughts:
As mentioned above, this is not a figure for everyone. It's very basic, has no posability in robot mode and really relies on one action feature as its selling point. That said, it does what it was designed to do well, and I'm happy with the multi-step transformation in a simpler figure. This figure is not for everyone, but it does what it was designed to do and it does it well.